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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Interesting to note that most of today's heart rate monitors come equipped with a build in gps.... very hard to get one without. only the very low end do not have that and i would not expect these guys to have something low end ...
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    I think not given the simple fact that everything electronic that is not mentioned is not allowed.. ... But I do use one but make sure I cannot see it during a race so I cannot have any advantage form it (if at all possible). Always nice to see afterwards that a day Laser racing is similar in...
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    Difficulty pulling block to block

    Apart from strength (which I gradually developed) a found that a new ratchet block helped me a lot. My old one was not very grippy. A less slippery sheet may have the same effect (at lower cost).
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    How I Reduced My Laser Weather Helm

    Apart from modifying your rudder keeping the boat flat and sheeting out in gusts helps a lot.
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    Rigging advice please

    Best use I found is after four back to back races for the 30min sail back to the landing... I did need a rest. They also come in handy in the last bit of an upwind leg if you want to untangle the mainsheet.
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    Mark II Summary

    For the record. I do like the Mk2 better overall. I did put in another block in the cunningham which makes it easier to control. The downside of that is more line. I already managed the pull the cunningham control line together with the sheet through the ratchet block...
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    Mark II Summary

    I think my experience is similar. I like the Mk2 even more in stronger winds. It depowers better and more controlled. To me it seems easier to sail in a breeze.
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    2017 Class Rule changes:

    Did not realise how expensive these are. My garmin watch includes a good digital compas (plus a GPS which means I cannot use it while racing) and much more for less.
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    2017 Class Rule changes:

    I'd love the digital compass which would probably mean I could sail without my glasses....
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    Difference between old Harken XD vang and new "race"version

    Although mine look much more battered the first image is exactly what happens to me also. No reason for me to change gear but if would have a choice i would go for the harken.
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    Cleaning the deck

    Best thing I have found is to dissolve a dishwasher tablet (ECO stuff if you can ;-)) in warm water and use that. Let is soak for a while and it will get most stains of easily...
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    Difference between old Harken XD vang and new "race"version

    I have the same feeling as Any (but I have never sailed the Harken). I do find that after a windwark mark rounding, when I want to adjust the vang one more time, the cleat is all the way to the bow and I cannot just pull the cord but need to swing the cleat first. No big deal and not a reason...
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    Stupid wetsuit question

    I can only second the above. It is a fantastic feeling NOT having the cold drip in when you fall in the water after a capsize!
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    Compass Rig and Application

    It can help to note wind shifts on open water. In the small lake I usually sail I have no use for a compass but I found it can help on open water. This said, i get so little practice on open water that I'm not sure if it helps me at all ;-)
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    New design Standard Sail

    Gee bummer. I just bought a brand-new old-type class legal sail for the only regatta this season I need it for.