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    interior wood works needed .

    Get a roll of brown kraft paper from craft store. Cut and tape together as needed to make a template of what your replacing. Its the Best way to make an exact fit for your boat. Use marine grade plywood and a jigsaw to cut. Make sure you use matching thickness to what you already have to...
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    Main Halyard: Is a rope to wire necessary?

    No. Never even had a shackle on mine. Just a surgeon's knot at the end of the halyard, push a loop of the halyard thru the grommet hole in the head of the sail, push the surgeons knot thru the loop and tighten up the loop. No need for another piece of hardware that could fail or not properly close.
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    Main sail class Association sticker

    Do you mean the royalty tag? near the tack? I don't think there is any difference.
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    Daily Sail Inventory - Switching Sails Day to Day

    yes, you must use same sails.Its a Class Rule: C.10.2 LIMITATIONS (a) Not more than one mainsail, one jib, one genoa and one spinnaker shall be carried aboard. This class rule may be amended by the sailing instructions. (b) Not more than one mainsail, one jib, one genoa, and one spinnaker shall...
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    Replacing spreader info and questions

    I don't think anyone really uses the spreader adjusters anymore. I think most boats have been converted to the thru bar - presets the correct angle - no holes to drill in the mast - spreaders just directly to the thru bar. There is an example on the website J/24 Sailboat Sparcraft...
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    Harken 2700 series Windward Sheeting Traveler Car Adapter

    See Ebay listing here: Harken 2700 Series Windward Sheeting Traveler Car Attachment for J/24 This in NOT the car that fits on the traveler track. This is the attachment that fits on the car. Similar to Harken #2752 adapter kit without the small parts. Includes free Priority Mail shipping in...
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    Original Tacktick Race Compasss for Sale

    Check out the Ebay listing: Solar Powered Tacktick Race Compass for Sailboats Includes free Priority Mail shipping to the US.
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    J/24 Spreaders (Pair)

    Bidding on Ebay starts at $60.
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    J/24 Spreaders (Pair)

    J/24 Aluminum spreaders (pair). Used. No end caps. For a thru-bar mount (not included). SoundBoatWorks is showing $220 each new. Believe these were in the shed because they are 5-8mm too short for Class Minimum Spreader Length. Good for a recreational J/24 or maybe handicap racing only...
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    WTB: Rudder

    Sorry - Long gone....sold it in February. Don't know how to remove an old post. Sorry.
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    Looking for sail cover

    I may have one. Old white one. Would require you to roll or flake the main on the boom. I've had it stored in a bin. Email me if interested and I will go dig it out and email you a picture. Nancy
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    Approximate cost to ship J/24 with trailer from US to Europe

    JT - If you email me with your address, I will put you in touch with my J/24 friends in Sweden. J/24 Worlds were in Malmo a few years back, so I know there is a good chance of getting good information about shipping. I also have friends who have shipped their boats over for Worlds in EU and...
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    WTB: Rudder

    Chris, I have a spare rudder - faired and has passed measurement - gelcoated (no anti-fouling paint), with a full rudder bag and rudder gudgeons attached. Its from my first J/24 (they didn't pay enough for a bonus rudder when I sold it). Considering new rudders are $1600, I'm asking $800 plus...