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    Do spars deteriorate?

    The timing on this thread is funny as I just broke my top section tonight in a breeze of about 15-20kts. The snap was the classic break right at the rivet and collar and I can only assume was due to deterioration on my 1996 Laser and original spars. Now the question is whether to purchase a...
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    Through Bolting Boom Block Eyestrap

    thanks for the input... Pete, the method I was considering was to install a long bolt through the entire boom with the bolt head remaining on the outside and the top of the boom. In reading older posts, it seems like the general census is that a bolt extending through the entire boom would...
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    Through Bolting Boom Block Eyestrap

    I recently had the unforunate experience of having the forward eyestrap on my boom and the bullet block attached to the same get pulled out of my boom due to heavy wind. I am going to through bolt the eyestrap to avoid this happening again and wondered if I can simply drill out the top of the...
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    need kitty hawks website

    No website as far as I know....but I was able to find the telephone number with my Kitty Hawk documents. The telephone is 704-878-6823 and fax number 704-878-6823. In fact, when I bought my Kitty Hawk trailer directly from Nautical America(the manufacturer of Kitty Hawk trailers) the...