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    Wanted : Hobie Bob

    Anyone have one for sale?
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    FS : New boomkicker in box $65 shipped.

    Sold SOLD ten characters
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    FS : New boomkicker in box $65 shipped.

    I just listed this, and have had lots of interest. Maybe if it does not sell in a few weeks, I will entertain other offers..
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    FS : New boomkicker in box $65 shipped.

    Still available. Here are the pictures.
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    FS : New boomkicker in box $65 shipped.

    As the post reads $65 shipped to cont US.
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    Mast Step Bolt

    Bolt Size The size I ended up using is a 1/2" diameter and 3.5" length. Thanks guys.
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    Mast Step Bolt

    Any idea on length and diameter?
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    Mast Step Bolt

    I just got my boat back from the shop who fixed some damage. They forgot to give me the mast step bolt. Im gonna have the shop mail it to me, since its a little bit of a drive. I want to sail this weekend and need a substitute. Does anyone have the specs for this bolt so I can pick one...
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    Installation of Radio

    Nice work. Wanna mod mine too?
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    Boat Cover Manufacturers / Recommendations

    What do you guys recommend for a boat at a mooring? Mainsail cover, cockpit cover, full cover? Will the paint / deck surface fade if I leave it uncovered?
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    Easy Furl Mainsail Cover & Mast Fly

    Do you use a boomkicker with this cover?
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    Sail down, boom up?

    Cover I just ordered a boomkicker, sounds like the way to go. So here is my other problem... I have my boat at a mooring, and my cover does not fit over the boom. It may fit if I lower the boom a little bit. But in that case I might as well just remove the boom. Two problems with this...