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    Does anyone know what type of boats these are?

    They look like Butterflys made by Barnett Boats. Here is a website with parts, etc. Rich
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    Looking for a mast

    Contact me at I will be in Harrisburg in about 2 weeks and can bring one with me!
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    Older style rudder bracket

    Do you need the entire setup or just certain parts? I have everything. Send me your email or phone and we can talk off list. Rich
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    Looking for a Sunfish mast

    I am in Libertyville, IL. Send me a phone number and I'll contact you. I can probably get you something. Rich
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    Changing to racing sail

    Eric, Where do you sail in Mechanicsburg? I will be out there in June and would love to join you for some racing! Rich
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    2007 World's Sail for sale

    The sail has been sold! Thanks!
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    2007 World's Sail for sale

    I have a 2007 World's sail that has been used about 4 times. It is in perfect condition. Beautiful colors and great performance! $375 shipped to you! contact me at
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    Lightly used racing sale $225

    3 seasons old, still feels fairly stiff, always hung in garage when not in use. There is a 1.5 inch spot on the foot where the threads are coming out. It's been like that for a whole season and hasn't gotten worse. Easy fix. $10 shipping. Contact me at for pix.
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    Need a good used sail and hardware

    Jim, I may be able to help you out. Are you looking for a racing sail or just a recreational sail? I have a very good racing sail and all of the other parts you have listed. $250 for all. Let me know if you are interested. Rich
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    Racing Sail for sale

    The sail has been sold. Thanks to all who replied!
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    Racing Sail for sale

    I have an older racing sail in very good condition. No rips, tears, stains. Made in Canada. Would be a great club racing sail. email me for $100 plus shipping.
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    Need Sunfish Sail, Dagger Board, Rudder, Boom and Mast

    I have a daggerboard in excellent shape and a good sail. Contact me for details and pix.
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    Super Sunfish for sale $700

    Is your boat still available?
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    2007 NAs - Update

    Tom is right, there are many dedicated people involved in the class and, having been to several board meetings and finally being on the board myself, I have found that there are many discussions as to the impact of any decision being made. These folks are ALWAYS looking out for the best...
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    US Masters Coming Soon!

    If you show up and pay your entry fee, I'll arrange for a seperate start for you!!