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    WTB Sunfish Sail any condition

    Looking for a sail to make way and get under way :) Any condition is fine. Thanks Ryan
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    WTB old style center board / dagger board in NH

    I am in need of a dagger / center board. I would prefer old style rounded edge but new style cut edge will work. thanks Ryan NH
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    Spar Boom Wnated in NH

    I am in need of a spar or boom. Will pay for it and pick up if in New England area. Thank Ryan
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    3 loop bridle wanted

    I am in need of a bridle. Mine broke the other day. Please let me know if you have one and I will pay for it plus shipping. It would be nice if the plastic coating wasn't cracked. I might just buy a new one but I figured I'd see what someone might have first. thanks ryan
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    Minifish for sale in NH

    yes it has been sold
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    looking for Hull paint schemes for ideas on colors and stripes

    thanks wayne, is that your boat in the picture? Any chance you could let me know what the measurments are of the location on the boat of the stripes and the width of the stripes? I am 90% sure that is the best stripe pattern I want to put on this boat i am painting. thanks again!
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    looking for Hull paint schemes for ideas on colors and stripes

    does anyone know of a web site with color pictures or plans, layouts of some or all of the sunfish paint jobs over the 50 years. I am painting a boat and would like some ideas of nice layouts of stripes etc. The hull is currently hatteras white top and bottom. would like to put a blue stripe...
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    Wanted old style rudder/tiller complete with hardware

    I have an old style sunfish with brass deck hardware I would like to get back int he water for the kids. Rudder/tiller was stolen :( Would like to purchase a used one if anyone has one available. Thanks
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    Pin, Old style hardware on ebay

    I just posted a pin and some deck hardware if anyone is interested. thanks Item # 130130416607
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    old style pin on ebay right now

    90$ inc shipping for hull hardware and the pin. wow.
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    old style pin on ebay right now

    did anyone see how much it went for? I thought I had it on my watch list but i didn't. Last time l looked it was at 55$. It was with the spring and the hull mounting plates.
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    old style pin on ebay right now

    I just saw an ebay listing for some old style hardware which had an original "PIN" very hard part to find and if your looking for it good luck. it's only at $25 right now. It's not my ebay posting...
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    10 year collection of Sunfish Parts for sale NH

    i just put a handle on ebay, sorry I wish i would have saw this post earlier. It's at 5$ right now. I also put a class legal northface sail up on ebay also.
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    Wanted - hardware for old-syle rudder

    i have some stuff also if your still in need...
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    Minifish for sale in NH

    I picked up a minifish the other day not by choice. the guy said it was a sunfish and just the same "not" Anyway I need a sunfish and not a mini so I would like to pass it on. I just want to get my money back out of it. I have it on NH craigslist for 400 it is complete but needs a little...