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    Gulf Coast Masters Championship - April 25/26

    The GCM's will be in Fort Walton April 25&26. It's time to get signed up and go sailing on beautiful Choctawhatchee Bay. FWYC is always hospitable and has a great sailing venue. Here's link for NOR and registration Make...
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    Sunfish Sailor Ranking System???

    Derek Thanks for your clarification. Anything that gets more participation is good. I just don't think we need to get into some complex system trying to "weight" results in different regattas due to considerations of depth of competition. See ya in Cabarete!!
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    Sunfish Sailor Ranking System???

    What a great new facility Fairhope YC has!! Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who made the US Masters this past weekend a success and worth a long drive. While tossing down a golden nectar of the gods, I learned of a possible ranking system for Sunfish sailors in NA. The ranking system...
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    Sunfish Midwinters

    What a great job by Steve Olive and all the volunteers at Edison Sailing Center!! ESC does an outstanding job in the community of promoting sailing and offering instructional and ongoing sailing opportunities to youngsters and adults. If you get a chance, talk with Steve about the programs he...
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    2006 Sunfish Worlds

    We need to get David Loring who lives in the area to give us all a rundown on probable conditions. How 'bout it, David? I have reserved one of the rooms at the host hotel, but have made other housing arrangements so it is available to someone. Let me know real soon by email...