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    Sunfish fishing special edition.

    This boat really has got class! I would not be surprised if I see one set up on display at Bass Pro Shops soon. I'm guessing it will be an Olympic class by 2025. :)
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    vibration on starboard tack

    My 3 year old calls that hum "the boat is singing to me", and he really likes it when his boat is singing; ie a little speed. erik
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    Need help Identifying this Sunfish Look-alike

    I don't know what it is - but I like it. I wonder, does it go to windward better with the keel hull? Erik
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    New hiking strap rear mounting install

    It looks really complicated, just reading it stressed me a little. (and I'm a former nuclear sub sailor). But if someone wants to do it, go for it! I guess I am liking the sunfish because it IS simple.
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    Anyone out there?

    Ha! I just went sailing this weekend - just south of Santa Fe New Mexico at Cochiti Lake. So warm that I was in shorts, T-shirt and barefoot. About 60F. I did put on a yellow rain slicker as the spray was cold. Wind was about 14 mph, but the...
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    wow...hilu scammers

    thanks, I did not know google email will tell you all that info. Good to know. I just saw an ad online for one of these Hilu's a few weeks ago, I wonder if its the same guy?
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    tieing the sail

    no they are different - and are what they say, low is low and no is no. If you have a recreational sail and don't want to spend a lot of money you can try the low stretch at places like REI.
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    Used SunFish hull deformmed?

    I think you did the right thing, you listened to that "inner voice". Something didn't seem right. Another boat is always out there, another deal to see. Its kinda hard to tell you what the boats problem is without seeing it and you being a new to read this forum more and keep...
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    My birthday present

    I just looked up the Viper, looks awesome. It might be the next boat for my 2 sons and I after a few years.
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    restoring an old one

    Look back thru this forum - it may not be worth it to split the boat. It will be a million times easier to cut some inspection ports and do the repair that way, and then it can be dried out after the next sailing adventure. If you just split the hull and replace the foam, you might be...
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    Ads- always beware

    Thanks for the good info. Erik
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    What years were the Pearson hulls?

    What years were the Pearson Hulls? I thought 1980, but don't know when they ended. Basically I am seeking which hulls are the ones to avoid that were made poorly at the factory, before the owners took them. Erik
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    How do I tell if this is a good buy/boat?

    Price at $800 seems really high as its not a Sunfish. If it was a Sunfish it would be good in the condition your describing. Being a knockoff its just not going to bring a lot of money when you resell it someday.... Good luck.... Erik
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    Anybody sailing this week?

    I just went sailing on the Sunfish..only saw 4 other powerboats... Water temp in New Mexico Elephant Butte was 51.8, air was 50f. Sailed for 5 hours - barefoot as my socks dried out on the mast. Erik
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    one handed sailing

    My wife is an Occupational Therapist - I told her of your wanting to single hand sail. She recommends what many others have said - to wait it out until your healed. What you might want to do is when your ready and in therapy - (you are getting it right? If not tell your doctor you want...