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    Hull Repair Question

    I have a one and one half foot gash that is one half inch wide running down the keel directly under the cockpit. The previous owner filled it with marine tex which I had to remove. Beyond a great glassing job that I hope to do, any thoughts on covering the area with a type of guard/capping...
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    Rigging Modification

    Any thoughts on modifying a recreational sail set up with a outhaul control, boom vang and cunningham? It appears as it might work by installing a few cam cleats along the boom.
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    Mainsheet Block Wanted

    I'm interested. r they new? How can I purchase?
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    Sunfish Parts

    Looking for mainsheet block!
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    Mainsheet Block Wanted

    Mainsheet Block Wanted!
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    Mainsheet Block Vs Cam Cleat

    My boat currently has no type of mainsheet system other than the little clip on the lip of the cockpit. I want to be able to go hands free at times. What is the best system to go with? Does the standard harkin 019 or any block for that matter "lock"? Thanks!
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    Hiking Strap Installation

    Hello, Anyone know of a way to pad a standard strap like with a neoprene sleeve of some sort? Also, what length bolts are appropriate to bolt the eye straps on the rear cockpit lip and the length of bolts recommended to go through the front cockpit wall for bolt on through the inspection...
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    Hiking Strap / Rigging Modification

    I have a 1987 boat and want to install a hiking strap. What is the best procedure? Also, is there guidance in modifying the original rigging to enhance performance?
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    Drain Plug Siezed

    I have a 1987 boat and bought the boat with the drain plug seized and sealed shut. I cannot get it to open but definitley need the drain capabilities. How can this be reapired and/or replaced?
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    Water in the Hull

    I have been sailing the boat really hard all summer and when I went to take it out it was filled with alot of water. There are no leaks in the Hull and to get the water out, I took off the coaming, flipped the boat and most of the water drained out but not all. First, any idea where is the most...
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    Sitting Low in Water

    I've been sailing all summer and just recently noticed that when looking at other sunfish moored near mine, they seem to be "floating" on the water, or put another way, mine seems to be sitting a little low compared to the others. Should I be concerned? Thanks
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    Used Sunfish Wanted

    Used sunfish wanted. Email matt