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    Alcort Icefish Iceboat

    Is this still available?
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    Sunfish Sailboat Parts New and Used

    Looking for an old style brass bailer cap.
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    Fall/Winter - Wetsuits

    I'm on Otisco Lake, "The Thumbnail of the Finger Lakes". I bought a 7mm wet suit so I could continue sailing through November. It was 50 degrees today, and I was plenty warm. This suit gets really hot though, and I wouldn't want to wear it in anything warmer than 60 degree or so water. One...
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    Need rudder pin for c. 1968 Alcort Sailfish

    Check the "For Sale" section - there's one listed along with a whole bunch of other parts. Good luck finding one - it took me over a year to find one.
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    Brass Horizontal Rudder Pin - Old Style

    I'm looking for an old style (pre 1975) brass horizontal rudder pin. If anyone has an old one laying around that they would like to sell, please drop me a line at Thanks!