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    For Sale  3300 Vanguard 470

    hello, I have to sell 2 vanguard 470 they were a project but I gave up, they need a little work, both have their trailer, 3 masts, 1 boom, 2 rudders, 3set of main and jib 1 spinaker and many more do you think are located in noblesville indiana and the price is $ 3300 omo
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    For Sale 1970's Vanguard 470 International with Extra Sails

    I'm looking for a main and jib, also a boom if you have any to sell
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    Collection of Laser hardware

    still available ,, where in indiana am i in noblesville
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    You still hace 470 parts

    You still hace 470 parts
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    Looking for 470 sailboat parts

    i just bought a 470 ,,, i need several parts like boom, mai and jib and spinaker pole.I am located in Indiana