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    Wanted: j24

    Hi Mike; I have a great boat for sale. Multiple regatta winner. I am looking to downsize crew needs and effort since I want to spend more time with my kids. All info at J/24 CAN 3849. Motivated! All the best, Ian Dawson
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    1998 Laser for Sale-$1500.00

    How watertight is the boat? Is the mast step still the original with structural integrity? Do you have a full inventory list, including spars, sails? How far would you be willing to deliver? Cheers, Ian
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    1996 LASER with both Standard & Radial Rigs #158706 in excellent condition

    There is a comparably equipped 1999 in NC for sale for $2600. Others in the 1995-2000 range run between $2500 adn $3200. Does it come with the "pro" rigging? Your boat is closer to me, but I wonder how flexible your asking price is? Ian
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    91 Laser for sale, 142614, upgrades

    Watcha asking for it?
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    Laser For sale

    What is the hull number?
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    1996-2000 Laser Full wanted

    want watertight hull, dolly, Harkens
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    Laser For Sale

    what is the hull number? Goodies included?
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    1997 Laser Radial

    Did ya'll git r done at the Orange Bowl or she still for sale?
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    1999 Radial Laser, Extras – Hardly Used $2,600

    Is it still for sale? Is it watertight?