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    Hobie Teaching Moment

    I really like the Hobie Wave, but you probably get wetter on the trampoline that in a Sunfish. Its a trade off for much more room to stretch out and relax.
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    Hobie Teaching Moment

    We are vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am a first year sailor with a Sunfish. At our resort they have Hobie Waves of the guests. (Yahoo00). The first 3 times out were ok, light winds always from the same direction (I must not be in Kansas anymore). This morning after a rain...
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    how to fix holes hiking pants - any suggestions?

    two words; Duct Tape Duct Tape
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    Winter Storage

    will it harm my sunfish to be stored on its trailer,covered with a tarp, over the winter? Or does it need to be stored on its side.
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    Talk like a Pirate day Sat.

    Ye scurvy rats, and don't ye forget it. Arrrrgggggghhh.
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    Fix hole in deck

    is it just in the gel coat or into the fiberglass? Does it look like a cracked egg shell with the underlying glass intact?
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    Water in boom

    I agree with all of this except I replaced the corks and caulked then in the ends of the mast about 2 inches inside the plastic caps as backup seals incase the caps ever leak. I did the same with the spar and boom. Secular
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    Made a wind indicator

    I fabricated one outta a coat hanger and recording tape. Its v shaped, v forward, with the tape at each end of the V.(like in one of the raceing books) I used 1/2 inch tape cause its easier for me to see. 2 pcs per side. I attached it to the spar just above the mast with a band clamp. I can...
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    Leaking boom

    My blocks are held on with a saddle eye and pop rivets. This cork is so ground up and granulated I think it was put in that way. I'm putting in a new cork 1 3/8" dia near the eyebolt holes to keep water entering there from filling the boom and mast. I'm using marine grade caulk to seal the...
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    Securely storing stuff

    I've found some 2" dia. suction cups with hooks, which I will put at the back of the cubby. I will try clipping onto these with lanyards so the stuff doesn't hang out into the cockpit. The lanyard for my water tight box (phone, watch)will go thru the bailer handle to secure that. Maybe two...
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    Leaking boom

    I just removed the eyebolt end cap of the boom because water was slowly dripping out and found a handful or two of loose cork particles. Were these a solid cork at one time? Were there one in each end? The ID is 1.375". Secular
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    Do Sunfish come w/ titles of ownership?

    Re: No title needed in Kansas, just bill of Sale price. $
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    Securely storing stuff

    Any suggestions for keeping stuff in the rear cubby, like a bailer, dry sack, etc. I don't want cords, lines etc that get in my way while sailing Last time I went over, every thing came out and tried to float away. Secular
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    Sealing the eyebolts?

    I may do that. Would like to find a rubber or cork plug of the right dia. and caulk that just inside the end, then don't worry about the eyebolt. anyone know the Inside dia of the spar/boom?
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    Sealing the eyebolts?

    It seems it would be a good idea to seal the interlocking eyebolts to that the boom and spar don't fill with water if the boat turns over. Has anyone ever tried to do this? Maybe a waterproof plug inside the spar and boom, just downstream the holes for the eyebolts would be a solution?! Secular