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    Looking for used mainsail and jib for Capri 14.2

    WaterDawg, do you still have sails for sale? Looking for main and hank-on jib for my '88 14.2 Thanks!
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    Looking for used mainsail and jib for Capri 14.2

    If you upgrades are your old sails available? Thanks!
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    For Sale:  Capri 14.2 Mainsail Flotation Panel - Like New

    Selling a triangel shape flotation panel for the peak of a mailsail. Nice to have for high winds. $120 (compared to $199 new). See stock photo - it is just like that pictured. Located in Minneapolis, MN. I can arrange shipping if desired. Thanks! P.S. Also lookig for used 14.2 mail or...
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    Help Me Replace Teak Splash Coaming on Capri 14.2

    The teak cockpit splash guard is shot on my Capri 14.2. I know I could remove it and with some time in the woodshop build a new one. Does anyone have a source for a pre-made teak or mahogany replacement? Thanks!
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    Wanted:  Main Sail (White)

    Looking for a used MAIN SAIL for a newly restored 1980's 14.2 Recreational condition OK. White color preferred. Mingth be interestdin a main/jib set (any color). I can arrange shipping if needed. Thanks!