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    Name for my new Laser?!!

    naming your laser? never thought about that, but i guess you can, competitive laser sailing is wierd. You have to take care of your boat but you also need to push it to the limit. Like cranking on so much vang even though you know your top might break. Also instead of trying to name it you...
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    Leeway ?

    i agree with everything but the vang tension. In very light- light winds you should have your vang so tight that when you release your mainsheet it goes out from the back block at a 45degree angle. As the wind increases you should ease the vang, if you start getting overpowered thats when you...
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    Leeway ?

    You guys are wrong. It seems his sail is right. Do you have even the slightest heel on your boat. Even a tiny bit of heel will slow the water over the blades causing the boat not to "lift" and slide leeward. You should closely watch your heel to make sure the boat is flat. And YES it does really...
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    2001 Laser Radial-Pristine Condition-Covers, Dolly- Philadelphia, PA

    how much is it only for the trailer or only the boat?
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    Are you going to be sailing with Mon Don in Connecticut? Because that weekend may 4th i am holding a clinic with Ryan Minth, he is the Chinese Olympic team coach and he coached his student to 2nd in the worlds. Hes really good. You and anyone else on this forum is welcome to come. It will be...
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    Honest Opinion, What's Better?

    i know both i sail out of Toms River Yacht Club and i do the hs races around there. What bout u? My name is Dylan. By the way Max is @#%&*^. I dont know Amy that well but she seems nice. GO FOR THE LASER.
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    Buying a 420???

    hey guys i was wondering were you could buy a cheap 420 any websites? suggestions?
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    86 Laser upgraded

    well no worries lol i didnt sail it
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    86 Laser upgraded

    sold srry
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    86 Laser upgraded

    86 laser pro rig comes with newer top section, bottom section, boom, straight blades, mainsheet, tiller and extension, dolly, alot of practice sails, mojo outhaul, vang and cunningham, come with old control rig, and covers. It is a dry boat that is ready to sail, asking $1,200
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    I now own a Laser!--cold water question

    wearing a helmet??? thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard, especially in a laser. just wear a hat.
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    Aussie spars and blades

    Is it worth it to buy aussie foils, or are those as bad as US foils too
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    Red or Blue Stickers

    European Top sections are made better than american... Its no myth. The Euros are slightly stiffer so it opens up more sail in Heavy winds so its great for heavier ppl. Its also good in light wind for the same reason. I have no idea about the aussie one i dont own one of those
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    2009 Masters Worlds

    do you guys know where the youth worlds is in 2009. If its close i would like to go. I hope its in my backyard.
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    NEWER LASER WANTED yr 2004 and up

    doesnt anyone have a newer laser theyre selling????????????????????????