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    mainsheet block faves

    I agree w/ Rob B...this block is by far the best block i have ever used, the holding power on it is great...comes in especially handy when its honkin out there
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    Hiking Strap!!!!

    Heres the link to the rooster site but those are both for an adjustable system...but since you said your strap is too long for one of those systems just tie a basic loop between your 2 cockpit eyes, and your hiking strap.
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    Hiking Strap!!!!

    just tie a line through the 2 eyes in the cockpit, and through the hiking strap. It will be just a plain loop, tie the 2 ends together with the knot of your choice, and there you go.
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    Deck cover questions

    Colie makes awesome covers. Everyone down here seems to have them, they last forever in the sun, they put your name or whatever on it, they are very strong, and they can accomodate your spars. Unfortunately they are more expensive, but mine was well worth the price I paid compared to some...
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    Sail number????

    traveler cleat is easy to replace, unscrew the old one and screw a new one down. Check the holes first and make sure the screws will securely thread into the deck, if not add some 5200 or fill the holes with resin and redrill the holes.
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    Few questions - Gill sailing chronograph

    are you looking for a sailing only watch or a watch you can wear around everywhere and not look like a fool. If you are looking for a sailing only watch go with the ronstan clear start timer, it has all of the functions you are looking for and more, and it has a big clear display, and you can...
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    Sail number????

    If im not mistaken its the the last 2 digits of the number on the transom
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    Sail number????

    this is off the laser class website... Check the transom of your boat for the serial number, it'll look something like this: OQTG9363 M900 The first three characters indicate the builder. The next five characters are the sail number. The remaining characters indicate when the boat was built...
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    Pro VS Standard

    sorry bout that I was confused, nothing new there. But yeah when i read that today Im not really sure what i was talking about. But yeah i would definitely get the upgrades for the extra 300 bucks, the new rigging is much easier therefore makes sailing the boat less work and more fun.
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    Inverted Capsize

    Fishingmickey is exactly right I've taught sailing for 3 years, and one of the first things we always do especially with young opti kids is go do a capsize drill, we even sometime do them in a pool, once they realize its nothing to worry about they will sail with a lot more confidence.
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    Pro VS Standard

    I take it you meant a new boat for 3000 dollars? If so I would go ahead and get the pro, even though the systems are more powerful, they are also much easier to adjust than the old systems. Also if you buy a standard boat and upgrade later the upgrades will cost more than 300 dollars. Spend...
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    Batten End cap stuck in Batten pocket!!

    It takes a lot of work but it is possible to get it out, I had to get 2 out of my friends sail, I think you have to like rotate the end cap out of the elastic, and i think it took 2 people working it but we eventually got it. I think it helps if you can slide the batten back into the cap and...
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    Newbie - car topping question

    its pretty simple to set up lights for the tail end of a boat, you get a 2x4 cut to the width of your transom, buy a cheap trailer light kit, attach the lights to one side of the board, and buy 2 rudder pintles and align them so they will fit into the rudder gudgeons of your laser, run the wires...
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    Where to stand?

    we need a wherever we end up or I walk all around the boat options.
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    Newbie - car topping question

    yeah i know but I secure my boat in the middle from each side of the car through the mainsheet block, most likely a stronger point in the boat, and centered to keep the boat above my car hopefully, tied at the bow could fall off either side easily putting those around u in danger whereas...