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    cracks on mast foot

    The rest of the mast has corrosion arround the hardware and I've replaced most with rivets, but the base of the mast seems to have these stress cracks. The boat was in a marina with the mast up. I probably should look in to a repacement.
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    cracks on mast foot

    Is this something I should worry about?
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    Wanted, jib car

    Could use a jib car, anyone have an extra to sell? Thanks, Mike 626 230 7968
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    Thanks Thank you everyone for all the great help, had my new used boat out today for the first time, everthing went well thanks to this site. I rigged the cunningham just as pictured but I felt it gave te sail an odd shape, too much luff. I also rigged it like a downhaul bypassing the sail...
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    Can someone please tell/show me how to rig the cunningham, and dose the C14.2 use a downhaul? If so, where dose it cleat? The C14.2 is new to me, I've been sailing Hobie 16's for a long time but the kids are scared of it. They saw daddy have a violent pitchpole :eek:. I began looking for a...
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    two holes?

    Do the two holes in the transome need plugs?