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    Two Lasers for the price of one.

    I should think that the Elvstrom sail was originally supplied with the cunningham eye in the lower position and then the owner had a second eye put in at a later date. Coloured sails were very common in the late 70's and early 80's on full rig sails on radial sails up to the late 90's. See my...
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    Laser Hull ID

    Hi, No - mine is actually a brown hulled Laser L special edition from 1979 - it came in typical 1970's colours of brown with a gold and yellow sail! All the early Lasers, probably up to at least 100,000 had those cream (officially called ivory) coloured decks. Slightly better for reducing...
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    Laser Hull ID

    The Performance Sailcraft sticker is identical to that from my 81000 UK built Laser as shown in the attached photo. And as Lali says, it would have been built around 1979. Photos from the 1979 Europeans show 77000 Lasers, so yours is probably a late 1979 build. I would check the drain plug...
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    New design Standard Sail

    I think the last standard worlds for which sails were supplied was 2011 ISAF Worlds in Perth although competitors had to supply their own sails for the 2010 worlds in Hayling Island before that. It may be a cost saving for the organisers, but I do not think it is a good thing as it moves away...
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    Sail number from Hull-number 113616

    Hi, Your sail number is definitely 113616. Your Laser will be from around 1983. The plates that are on the back of the cockpit only started to be issued on UK manufactured boats sometime around 1981/1982 - but after Laser 100000. Therefore, all the plates had the first digit pre-printed...
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    Hard TIme Reading Serial Number

    Thanks for posting the photos Alex. Yes, I agree with LaLi, she is definitely number 121904 and would have been built probably early 1985. Here are a couple more photos of plaques in different states of fading - as you can see, the leading "1" is disappearing. On your boat, as with nearly...
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    Hard TIme Reading Serial Number

    I think, probably, that your sail number is 121904, but the leading "1" on the plaque has become faded over the years. Are you able to take a photo of the plaque? Assuming that the number is 121904, then your boat was built around 1984/1985. Also, what colour hull and deck is your boat...
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    Need Some Help on determining year of a Laser

    Hi, A sail number of 24043 is consistent with it being a 1975 boat, so it does seem as though the "2" has become obscured, or perhaps wasn't stamped into the hull very well in the first place. Do you have a photo of the serial number?
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    Laser (1980) configuration

    As Torrid says, it does sound as though you have an old M rig. If you are interested, there are more details of the M rig here The standard rig mast sections, both upper and lower, are the same now as...
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    Hard TIme Reading Serial Number

    The UK manufacturer ceased putting the serial number under the bow eye aroundabout # 105000. After that the sail number was put on a silver plaque at the back of the transom - like the attached photo. These can become quite hard to read after a time. The 1 of the sail number was imprinted on...
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    Laser Timex

    Hopefully these will help If you are interested in the 88 Worlds, then there are some videos on You Tube here: All the 88 Worlds boats supplied for the Standard Worlds were numbered 136000 upwards, so your sail number seems...
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    New Foils

    Looking at the pictures from the Laser Worlds just finished at Hayling Island, it seems as though the new foils were supplied with the boats. However, comments from some of the sailors indicate a number of breakages or problems with them: Tom Slingsby had a cracked centreboard which had to...
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    New Foils

    The Infused Foils website shows the new foils, but I don't think they are available in the UK yet - certainly not on the Laser Performance online store. It seems they provided the foils for...
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    old'ish laser

    Your boat is likely to have been built in 1973. The dating of North American hulls is much easier than for those built in the UK. From 1973 onwards, the North American built hulls included a date identifier in the hull/sail number moulded into the transom. This link is to an earlier post...
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    'M' Rig sail dimensions

    Thanks Lu, You posted while I was writing my reply:)