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    Buying advice needed

    fair enough.
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    Buying advice needed

    I highly recommend the laser over the sunfish. It has a lot more room to grow and have fun in. If your daughter wants to race, she'll likely have more access to laser fleets than sunfish. But the big thing is safety. I haven't sailed Sunfish much at all, but it seems to me one bad capsize and...
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    Do I need a Standard or Radial rig weight/height etc

    I am 5'8" and weigh 155 lbs. I sail almost exclusively in a full rig and am very competitive. Second and third the last two years across our weekly series (5 months long). I sail weekly night races and small New England Regattas on a very large lake and some small lakes. Our wind is usually...
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    Launch Fees or How to Kill a Fleet Without Really Trying?

    Our club asks $150 for the summer Tuesday night series if you want to store your laser on the racks and are not a member. If you are not a member of the club and choose to trailer in each week, it is free. We regularly have 4 to six boats trailer in each night. It keeps the fleet strong and growing.
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    Tiller Extension Length?

    I bought the ACME fatso Jr. 54 inches long and broke it off at about 44 inches during a roll tack. 54 was too long, 44 was too short. I reattached the broken end and then cut it to 48 inches which I like alot. I'm 5'8".
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    Laser parts

    Any better pictures of the sail that show quality? How old is it and how much has it been used? is the mast section straight?
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    Fall/Winter - Wetsuits

    hdco is there an echo in here? Sent this twice and thought I'd send it off one more time for good measure. yes 3/2 means 3 mil in the body 2 mil on the extremes. same if you see 5/3 or 5/4 etch. As far as sizing, be honest about the sizing charts attached to the link. They are very good. I...
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    Storing A Laser

    Open the inspection port to let it dry out. Yes, upside down on the deck or on its side is better than on the hull. But only if it is dried out inside. My understanding is that the hull is glass and the deck is foam core and the foam is more susceptible to water getting into it than the glass...
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    Last race of the year. A little conflicted....

    Rob, Go sail with a heavy heart. Better than sitting home with a heavy heart. Celebrate her life by being outside. My guess is she loved the outside and being around water.
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    Fall/Winter - Wetsuits

    Halfjack, had to laugh (good heartedly) through your post for a couple of reasons. First, the advice from the dive shop guy is way off for sailing. I'd say his mm for certain temps are much thicker than you will want. Compare the two activities: diving is constant submersion in water, horizontal...
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    By the Lee on flat water?

    Yes, learn to apply by the lee sailing in all conditions it can be the fastest point sail on a run. And, TACTICALLY, much can be gained when you stay on starboard and other boats jibe to port!
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    by the lee - tell tales

    My first tool for by the lee sailing is a masthead fly. I check that to be pointing over the leeward quarter and trim to it. Noone else in our fleet or local regattas use them and I think it is a real advantage.
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    Winter Storage Standard 14 Laser

    I store mine upside down from the rafters in my garage too--boat upside down. But I built a rack that hangs from them with 2 X 3's. It is six feet wide with plenty of room for the spars as well. Very easy to lift it in with thee guys. The one thing missing from those pics is a port cut in the...
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    How light is too light?

    This is good advice above. The 4.7 is what you need for your son. A full rig is WAY overpowered for a hundred pounder. I'm 155 and sail a full rig. I raced in college and have good skills. It is a handful for me over 12 mph. You want a rig he can control and not get overpowered with too fast...