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    Sailfish Rudder Hardware

    I purchased on older Sailfish boat for my grandkids. It did not have a ruder so I bought a used sunfish rudder. I found out that the hardware does not match up and have been trying to get the correct hardware for this boat. Dose anyone know where I can get the correct hardware to fit the...
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    Sunfish Sail Clips

    I need a full set of the plastic clips that hold the sail on. Does any one know the best place to get these.
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    Older style rudder bracket

    Thanks for the reply, I just need the bracket that fits on the boat. I have the rest of the hardware. My email address is or call me at 252-537-2065 Mark
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    Older style rudder bracket

    I need the older style of rudder bracket. The older bracket has a horizontal pin that fits through the rudder bracket at the top. Thanks for any help you can give me.