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    GPS or gadget for recording sailing tracks and data

    Deeman, I have used TackTracker for the last 2 years and I have found it a great device to review my races at home and if you get your friends onto the same application you can compare your races. the website is hitime
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    rooster tactics dvd

    Wavedancer, I have the DVD on order. I cannot wait to review. I understand that Steve has used Tacktracker software to anaylise his race results. I am looking forward to seeing how he uses the software, as I have been using it for the last 12+ months and I have found it to be very valuable...
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    LED Trailer Lights

    I replaced my incandescent lights with sealed LED lights earlier this year. It is the best thing I have done. I bought the LED lights from an ebay dealer and got a great deal, so I would recommend that you put a watch on some ebay dealers and I thing you will be very pleased with the results. :D
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    Basic Deck cleat?

    If you search some of the online sites that advertise on this forum. I am sure you will be able to find your replica.
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    How to remove and replace existing inspection port

    OldDog, If you have removed all the screws, then run something like a Stanley knife between the inspection port and the deck to break the silicon seal. With a gentle twist of the knife the inspection port should lift up. HiTime.
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    remembering race course??

    Repleb, For me, I remember the course in patterns, with an anchoring mark, as my club defines the courses in shapes, like triangles, trapezoids, sausages. For example triangle, triangle, sausage, triangle, finish, so when I go around the anchoring mark I tick off (in my head) which part of...
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    Laser Model

    Flusha, I would recommend getting one from Intensity, as mjbhawg says they are great to deal with. I got one as a xmas present and I have attached a photo of the final product, which I think has come out ok. :) HiTime
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    Vang / Kicker - Quick Release Pin

    mike500, I got mine from from West Coast Sailing a few years ago and it works a treat. He is the link: George
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    Pre-launch checklist

    I would add the mainsheet is run correctly. I have missed running the mainsheet through the boom faieread and wondered why I have got hooked on the mainsheet on the first tack or jib :eek:. Also I have seen sailors forgetting to run the mainsheet through the forward boom block and many...
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    You would only need to cut one side. That should be enought to get the backing plate inside the hull.
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    Bottleport fits Ronstan Inspection Ports (pics)

    Greg, Do you know if your bottleport works with a nairn 5" inspection port? I also notice that the bottleport is grey, do you have a white version? Thanks in advance. George
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    RC Laser Dealers

    Here is the RC Laser Class Assoc NA website
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    centre plate popping up

    lasereng, Have a look at the following post. It has info about keeping the centreboard down. Regards HiTime
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    Zen Sport Tillers and Ext.

    Odylan, I too found the website. I did try to contact them a few times without sucess, so that might be the reason why you do not see them being used on mass. HiTime
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    Tiller Constanly Hitting Traveller Cleat

    I would look at replacing/repairing the rudder head, as this was the root cause for my tiller hitting the traveller cleat.