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    Sunfish Parts

    Hi I have several masts, all in good condition from $75-110 email me if you like and I can send you piks at
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    Sunfish Parts

    Hi Sorry to hear about your misfortune Simply email me your email address and I can send you piks. Have all you need Thanks Herb Baker
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    Sunfish Parts

    Hi Have a complete used rudder/tiller assembly with all the hardware for $135.00. If you don't need the hardware I have just the wood for sale or a combination of both Have used daggerboards for your model for $65 or a new barrington board for $125
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    Sunfish Parts

    Hi I have both a complete rudder tiller assembly and dagger board for your boat. Thanks
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    Sunfish Parts

    I have a nice selection of new and used Sunfish/Sail fish parts including the old and new style rudder and daggerboard and the hull and blade hardware for these blades I also have booms, gaffs and masts but due the prohibitive cost of shipping they would need to be picked or I could deliver...
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    Looking for Sunfish Mast, New Style Rudder and Dagger Board - New England Area

    Hi Have what you need live in Boston area
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    Looking for Sunfish class legal parts

    Hi Have all you need-contact me if you like at
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    New Sunfish Fiberglass Daggerboard

    Have a brand new fiberglass class legal racing daggerboard for $295.00 plus shipping. Received as gift . Board retails for $357 plus tax If interested e-mail me wth your zipcode so I can calcuate UPS Shipping e-mail is
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    Minifish sail

    Hi I have two options if you are still looking. I have a used minifish sail -red white and blue in excellent condition for $110.00 or a brand new minifish sail orange yellow with a window for $195.00 If you would like piks email me at Also a sunfish sail will require longer...
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    Looking for a Phantom rudder

    Hi I recently had one made of mahogany for $75.00 Contact me if you still need one Herb
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    Sunfish Sails

    Hi Rick Please send me your e-mail address to
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    Looking for alcort sailfish

    Hi Have one in Massachusetts if all else fails for $295.00
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    Sunfish Sails

    Hi Thanks for the inqiuiry-Sorry I domn't have any racing sails, but a friend has one Contact him if you like at, Herb
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    Sunfish Sails

    Have a variety of used sunfish sails. All have been reconditioned, if necessary, All are class legal. Also have a racing daggerboard in mint condition Send me your e-mail and I can send you some piks.
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    Sunfish rudder

    Have a new and used e-mail me at herbaker@aol if interested.Live in Boston area Herb