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    My Motor Mount

    That's basically exactly what I did. I made a shallow plywood shelf and bolted it to those two wooden uprights. I used a battery secure tray rather than a box. It makes it easy to get the battery in and out by sliding it rather than needing enough room to get in the top of a box. Generally those...
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    The Greg Coats boarding ladder installation

    I used the deck plate located here: I had previously thought that I used a 6" plate, but upon checking, this 4-7/16" plate is what fitted best.
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    My Motor Mount

    1. I'm not sure what you would use as a filler. i wasn't even sure if there would be blocking in mine until I drilled the holes. What I found was what appeared to be like a compressed particle board material. I can imagine that it would also be pretty difficult to get an arm into the right spot...
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    My Motor Mount

    That certainly could be the case. I used as large a washer as I could find since that side is on the hull interior and to reduce the risk of damage to the doubler. The more I think about it - I think I did use PVC house trim, such as the Veranada or Azek products from Home Depot for the ladder...
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    My Motor Mount

    It was so much better with the mount than when I previously just mounted on the transom. When I drilled there was definitely a blocking material in there on the motor side of my boat. I later installed a ladder on the other side...
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    My Motor Mount

    That is an interesting thought. I did not do that. The motor is on the port side, but the battery is centered. I use a full size battery that fits quite neatly in the center of the cuddy. To move it to one side would have been difficult and it would have needed to be further inside. Too awkward...
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    My Motor Mount

    There are plenty of discussions on motor mounts, but I just thought I would add this one since I just installed my motor mount yesterday. The various other threads were helpful as I decided how I would go about the task. Previously I had been simply mounting the motor on the transom, but as...
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    Centerboard well flaps, leaks

    That's similar to my experience. I also replaced those gaskets and discovered that the screw holes penetrate completely through the hull, and will leak if not sealed. I have not had any leaks since reinstalling the screws. As an alternative for the official gasket, I used some thick flexible...
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    Another Baby Bob attachment option

    There are many solutions out there, so I thought I'd add another into the mix. This is a relatively simple option that allows for symmetrical mounting without any modification to the Baby Bob brackets. I decided to use a painted wooden block clamped between two aluminum bars. The result is a...
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    taking on water below deck -- how much is normal?

    I had a leak last season and discovered that it was due to some of the screws that hold the centerboard gasket in place were missing or loose. I made sure all the screws were in place and used silicone to ensure a watertight seal. No problems since.
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    Masthead sheave.

    Catalina Direct has what you need: I bought one recently myself.