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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Thanks forumers for your support of the Bottleport. I had a good email exchange with Alan yesterday and I'm focusing on the positive--that the immediate reaction of the measurers was not simply to ban it, end of story, but to move immediately to see if there could be a rule change to...
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Hi Alan, Thanks for taking a look at the Bottleport and considering it under the ILCA rules. Are you available offline to discuss? Would be great to ask you some questions. I'm at if you want to send me an email or other contact info. Best regards, Greg Little...
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    Fall/Winter - Wetsuits

    @Hoffy--Just saw your post. Something I didn't factor in trying on the sizes is that loosen up when wet. So yes, I probably should have gotten the next one down. @Halfjack--Sounds like a good combo. Here's something else to throw in the mix. I bought some West Marine Equator bibs, on sale...
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    Laser Sailing - Perth, Australia

    Another guy to talk to about the scene is Grant Alderson, who runs SailPower chandlery in Perth. Great guy (and he's the first Australian dealer to carry the Bottleport) and seems very plugged in there. Good luck!
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    Boston Regatta Nov 9

    Could you guys use a Bottleport or two to give away as prizes? Holds a travel mug of hot coffee! Note to race committees--I think this is a great way to get the product out there and I'm happy to put these up for prizes. Contact me at and we can discuss.
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    Do Lasers carry titles?

    Here in California, your Laser definitely needs a title and so does your trailer and if the title is not clear you are in for a huge hassle that in some cases can prevent the title from getting done. By "clear" I mean that if the boat is not currently registered, you have ownership records going...
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    any one know if there are laser lessons in Orange County,CA

    Re: any one know if there is laser lessons in Orange County,CA I've always wanted to sail in Newport Harbor but the only public launch ramp appears to be in the back bay with reports that it's a real hassle. I know you can carry your boat from a street to the water on Balboa Island but this too...
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    Mainsheet caught on lifejacket when tacking

    Thanks for this tip, which I just saw now and bought one. They have L and XL left for 25 bucks apiece. That's a good deal. I'll give it a try and it will be a lot better for the occasional passenger than the big orange thing.
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Because I'm lousy with inspection ports. And it will be strong enough to hang by a hook from the hole as my "winter storage method." Joking aside, I think it was just a conversation that progressed from your helpful washer suggestion above that is, no doubt, a good idea. If I used the port...
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    Winter Storage Standard 14 Laser

    Most of the yacht clubs, schools, etc...anyplace with a number of Lasers in one place, seem to store them on the stern.
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Yup, that sounds like the way to do it. I'm going to add this as suggestion to try in the "Port Installation Tips" section of the website. When it goes up in final form, that is. Thanks for the ideas everyone.
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Somehow in visualizing what would otherwise be a good idea, I skipped the step of getting the ring inside the hull! Yes, short of cutting it (the ring, not the hull) in half, that is going to be...difficult.
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    Bottleport reviewed by Tillerman

    Mine's mounted with screws & 5200 and seems rock solid, but I'll keep an eye on it. It certainly can't hurt to use bolts and it would be easy to do since, of course, you have access from the hole you just cut in that spot. I wonder if instead of washers you could use a second port ring on the...
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    Questions about chartering (long term) a laser in So. Cal.

    Alamitos Bay Yacht Club has an active Laser program and it's not that far from Huntington Beach. Steve Smith is a good contact for Laser-related stuff at the club. Don't have his email but if you call the club I'm sure they'll give it to you.
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    Anyone ever launched at La Jolla Shores?

    Yup that's the place. There was not a breath of wind when we were there last weekend but I thought it was probably because of the Santa Ana and how that saps any ocean wind. I love going out in Mission Bay and wish we had that up here. Just being able to land on a beach wherever you want...