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    Cockpit Re-entry after capsize

    I walked over the very first time I capsized, which was my first time sailing the boat. That was in October 2 years ago, water temp was in the 50's and I had shorts on. Not once since have I ever walked over, but I haven't been sailing in water that cold since. I think it was necessity. :)
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    Best Wetsuit?

    Probably not protocol but I've been wearing regular underwear under my shorty, probably nothing is best but I have visions of a blow out and don't want to deal with that. :o I have a speedo shorty similar to the ones at Costco. I tried on one of the full length versions and they were too...
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    What to wear sailing

    I'll be going next weekend and the nightly temps have been getting down to 50° at night, almost 70° mid afternoon. I bought a shorty like the one above. I tried it out a couple weeks ago and it is hot when the sun lays on it, but cools off if you're wet and in the shade. Lake water temps...
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    I was looking around today and found these, not cheap like the sunfish options though. As mentioned above: These guys want $450!*ft2+(6197mm2)&Description=0&ID=4227...
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    Sailfish + VW Bus Ad

    Halyard is in the wrong location on the upper boom?
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    Mine is a minifish with sunfish rigging and sail.
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    Aqua fin

    Just got it a few weeks ago, it has a brand new boom, mast and rigging for a sunfish. Sail is from the aqua fin. Since the pic I have a new Neil Pryde sail thanks to info I got on this forum. Tacking Oops. Learning the limits. Hard to see but that's me kneeling on the bottom, waiting...