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    Laser Cruising - furling and luggage

    Hmm, tipping the boat to get to the battens would work sometimes - I'd be happy doing it on a sand or shingle beach but less happy on mud. It's not really an option if I'm using a pontoon (unless there are two boats out and we take it in turns to lay the boat on it's side in the water while the...
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    Laser Cruising - furling and luggage

    Has anyone any suggestions about what to do with your Laser sail when you've stopped at a pontoon or beached the boat for a bit? I've done a couple of recent trips where I've not known what to do with my (fairly ancient) sail and have just had to detach it from the boom and leave it flapping...
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    Zero - low wind propulsion (legal or otherwise)

    Hi, Just had my second sail in a laser yesturday in very light wind. I ended up wondering the best way of propelling the boat when the wind dies. (I could have drifted back with the tide but didn't want to wait) I did a bit of flapping the rudder (sculling?) and paddling with one hand...