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    Ultimate Inspection Port...

    Will this fit? Mini Beer/Drink/Wine Refrigerator Fridge Cooler Warmer Auto Car Boat Home Office - Home & Garden
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    Glamor Shot

    Gorgeous.. I've never seen such pristine daggerboards/rudders.. Y'all never hit rocks or nuthin?
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    Geezer vs. Racing Rigs

    I asked a question about sail height a while back but never got a really consistent reason: Why do racers have their sails so low? One thing I could think of is that a lower sail would reduce the "heeling" force in higher winds, which would keep you flatter.
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    rachet block

    I have the Ronstan 55 and highly recommend it due to its grip. It is the metal cutouts in the side that do this. Some have said that these can wear more on the sheet but I haven't found that. I upgraded from the cheap Nautos because the Nautos wasn't helping at all due to slipperiness. I...
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    In Texas, we just toss it on the top of the cab, and then stick our arms out the window to hold it down.
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    Sad News

    One of the all-time greats to be sure. Fair winds, friend.
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    I put my fish up for the winter :-(

    Austin texas, one hour ago..
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    Cam cleat for new sailor

    Here's an example of a block/cleat combo. You don't see that too often.
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    Cam cleat for new sailor

    I have the Ronsten 55mm Orbit block. It grips better because of the cutouts. But it is *expensive*. I previously used one of the cheaper Nautos blocks but it wasn't too grippy and didn't help much. A couple of other things can help too: 1) A thicker diameter mainsheet is easier to hold, and...
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    SUP Sunfish

    I'm not sure why they've chosen to piggy back on the Sunfish name... I know why. It is to sell product based on the goodwill built up in the Sunfish name over the last 60 years. It is a purely cynical decision by pasty souless bean-counters who have barely even been outdoors, let alone step...
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    What am I missing?

    To see how much effect the daggerboard has, I tried sailing upwind without it, in about 10 knot breeze.. Couldn't do it though. As can be seen, the tacking angle is 199, so the pointing angle is 100. You need better than 90 degrees pointing angle to make any progress upwind. I'm not...
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    What am I missing?

    George, I sometimes sail around with my daggerboard halfway or more up. I can't go upwind as tightly but who cares. I'm not trying to get somewhere, I'm already there. And its faster.. The secret is that the line of the hull as well as the rudder also provide lateral resistance. Its not just the...
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    196? Sunfish, bring it back to life!

    I almost joined the Belton Yacht club; couldn't decide if it would be worth it for me. Travis will fill up with power boaters soon enough, once everyone realizes its full of water again ;) So i'm gonna enjoy it while i can. Yeah butyl tape isn't really tape -- its a bedding compound, like a...
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    196? Sunfish, bring it back to life!

    I'm in north austin, PM me. I've got a hand buffer and a couple pads you can borrow, and also a whole mess of butyl tape (to secure fittings) or if you prefer the 4200 glue ive got that as well. Do not buy any sealant if you want mine for free (i found i prefer the tape) What i am going to...
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    Is anyone using this tracker?

    Here's my setup. This phone has a shortcut app so that i can do one-touch dialing. After I've been out sailing for an hour or so, then I call my wife and ask her to guess where i am. If she guesses sailing, then I say, no, i'm taking a bath.