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    If a higher sail generates more power, then...

    I have two zip-ties on my upper spar: one to mark attachment for racing, and one for casual sailing or carrying a passenger. Why? Passengers generally don't like to have to scrape under a sail on tacking/jibing, and they especially don't like getting whacked. Plus you can see better. So you'll...
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    If a higher sail generates more power, then...

    A higher sail does not by itself generate more power. Only a bigger sail, or adjusting sail trim, can do that. In light winds, you can sometimes reach wind that is above the water, by having the sail as high as possible, even when it is dead at water level. But in higher winds, where most big...
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    Split mahogany rudder - repairable? FRP instead?

    Photo of repaired rudder, been fine for the past couple of years. Woodglue + clamp, 2 screws in back, refinished with 2 coats of spar urethane.
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    sunfish booms on a minifish + bailer problem

    Its entirely dependent on the wind conditions. Well, and your hiking ability and weight. I've sailed a hobie 16 solo and not been overpowered, and I've sailed a reefed hobie 16 and been overpowered. But don't worry about the bigger rig stressing the hull. I have a minifish II, and the mast is...
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    Minfish Impressions vs. Sunfish.

    I recently purchased a rare "minifish II". When I have time, i'll write up a full profile of the boat. It can accept a minifish rig as well. I highly recommend Neil Pryde sails for your minifish. I got great customer service from Tim Yourieff, their prices are great, and some really cool color...
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    Minifish - opinions?

    Small Boat Restoration published the dimensions of the Minifish mast/spars. Link I've read that Sunfish spars/mast can be cut down to fit minifish, because they are same diameter. The same blog also published some setup information for the Minifish. Minifish Setup I recently purchased the...
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    wet hull with loose foam

    If you are a racer, you'll want to pour new foam in to cement the blocks in place. This prevents flexing, which can slow you down a tiny bit. But the flex is a useful feature. When pounding across chop, it makes a booming sound, like a drum. This will warn children and small dogs to get the...
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    Catfish (?) Project

    Has a really cool and retro look. Would turn a lot of heads at the local lake.
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    Rudder on hold

    Haven't tried it yet, but here's what I'd try: 1) have a bungie stretched across the hull behind the cockpit, 2) have one of those velcro straps used to wrap up extension cords, on the bungie Then you can strap down the tiller quickly, and unstrap it.
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    Greater purchase on the main sheet

    1) The Ronstan orbit 55 grips better than the Harken block, and much better than the Nautos, because of the notches. Some claim the notches can damage the sheet but i've not seen much effect. Its quite pricy but I recommend this block over others. Ronstan Orbit 55 Auto/Manual Ratchet Block 2)...
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    What kind of paddle for Sunfish ?

    I use this Academy paddle which sits inside the cubby. Currently $15. I have a little piece of velcro on the handle, and a patch on the wall of the cubby. This keeps it from sliding out. Magellan Outdoors Emergency Paddle | Academy
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    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    So I poured the foam, seemed to turn out ok. Couple of tips for others.. 1) I was able to pour the bottom half by just getting the trailer on a slope and tilting it. (I had 2 ports on the front of the cockpit). The liquid just pours down in a stream. Not too steep or it will pool at the bow...
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    Fun day sailing with the scouts this weekend

    Very cool! Perfect weather right now.
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    Off topic brag

    Wow, really cool.. I don't know why you think it is off-topic, there's a ton of sunfishes in there! I just sailed lake Georgetown a couple months ago, and Canyon lake a month ago. I'm sure we drove past the church on the way to Jim Hogg park. I'll have to check out one of the events some time...
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    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    I already ordered the 2-part from USBoats for $54.99 inc. shipping. Damn expensive, but what I realized is that I can't reach too far down in the hull and will have to build a ladle to pour along the blocks. I'm gonna practice with a cardboard box with a hole and some paint or dairy cream to...