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    Trouble Tacking

    Is your sail set up properly for the expect wind conditions?
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    Just an idea

    BIL also launches his cat from 126th street stone harbor. I prefer the sunfish to the cat since the sunfish can actually turn and tack, the cat is much more limited to wind direction and back/forth sailing.
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    Just an idea

    anybody check out the link to one of my sails? raceQs
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    Just an idea

    Jenkins Sound, NJ - at high tide you can still stand in most places if you tip over, bottom is solid so the mast doesn't get stuck - wind almost always blowing - depending on wind conditions there are plenty of channels to do races or just cruise around different waterways I have an app on...
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    Just an idea

    only complaint where I sail is having to coordinate with the tide (which still yields 8 hrs or so of water)
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    Where I launch down in NJ there are jackasses that break bottles along the dock. I use my "decommissioned" work shoes for sailing. I get new shoes every 6 months from work so there is an endless supply.
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    what's lowest water temp you'll sail in?

    50F no suit needed (stay upright!)
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    Need help dating Sunfish

    take her out to a find restaurant, I know they are hard to find in NE PA so you might settle for Arby's. After dinner before you drop her off try for second base.
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    Heavy Sunfish

    sell on craiglist for a lighter boat
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    sailing route tracker

    gonna try this app for logging my route while sailing this week at the shore Odyssea - Track & share your sailing adventures! on the App Store anybody use an app to see where they sailed?
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    Naming the boat

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    Docking tips

    daggerboard makes for an excellent paddle....easy to store on the boat as well
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    First sail of 2015: Perfect temps; Perfect wind. Did my Sunfish get insulted?

    any dope can pilot a motor boat, it takes skill to navigate with the wind as your power source!
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    time to sail yet?

    "home port" for me is Jenkins Sound in south Jersey. Can't wait until the weather warms up to sail. The sound (salt water) froze over this past winter.
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    First post; need help picking out car to tow Sunfish

    Keep the car....get a hitch and trailer....good to go.