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    Both forestay and roller furling

    So your rope halyard becomes the forestay? Doesn't the rope stretch and make the forestay sag in strong winds?
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    Furler angle

    I did that, adding 2 fairleads to bring the line back to me so I can keep one hand on the tiller when furling
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    Both forestay and roller furling

    Thanks, I'll look into that method.
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    Both forestay and roller furling

    Do you have an adjuster on the furler? If so, can I see a pic of your setup? My shrouds are too loose, but too long to fit turnbuckles.
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    Both forestay and roller furling

    I have roller furling and am thinking of adding a forestay ahead of it. I don't trust the furling swivels. Anyone have this type rig on these small boats?
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    Wanted: Used sails in good shape

    Happy Holidays & thanks for the offer. But my boat must have been originally sold from the dealer rigged for jib furling, as there is nothing on the mast to attach a jib halyard block (and no screw holes where one was). And I'd also need to find & rig a forestay, which doesn't sound fun. But...
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    Wanted:  Used sails in good shape

    Just got a Capri 14.2 with blown out sails. Looking for used ones in good shape. Jib is roller furling.