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    Omega 14 for sale

    1980 Capri (a.k.a. Catalina) Omega 14 for sale with trailer $900 Obo. Trailer rebuilt, (only center beam is orignial) with custom mast support. New mast foot and Standing Rigging installed by Vangard. Current registration for both boat and trailer. Boat is in good condition for pleasure...
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    Capri OMEGA 14: Need information for this model

    Omega 14 Dennis you said you have hull 1962, what are your rudder and keel made of? I am currious because most of the boats I have seen have wood rudders and keels. My hull is 1960 and has a fiberglass keel and rudder. Art Grant Dana Point
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    Capri OMEGA 14: Need information for this model

    Omega 14 It is good to see all the Omega 14 owners poping up. I have Hull number 1960 a 1980 Omga 14 named Ohana, home ported in Dana Point California. On question of the amount of line it varies with application. My boat has 3 distinctly different sized lines. I will have to check my notes...
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    Mast side to side play

    I am sailing an Omega 14 which is very losely rigged at the shrouds. I am seeing about 4-6 inches of side to side play in the mast. (the Omega is the predessesor of the Capri) what kind of side to side movement are you seeing in the Capri 14.2s? Thanks
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    Newport or Long Beach, CA

    Places to Sail in Orange County There are a couple of nice places to sail in Orange / L.A. Counties. Newport Harbor is the nicest in my opinion however there is only one launch ramp at Newport Dunes ($15). There is a very narrow channel to get out from the launch ramp and a tow or motor is...
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    PFD Recommendation

    I purchased and use a Mustang manually Inflatable PFD with built in harness. I find it very comfortable. It fits well and is out of the way. The built in harness may seem overkill and it added to the price but I wanted a PFD I could use on my 14 or when invited to crew on larger boats. The...