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    Easter Laser Regatta vs Kung Flu

    Rather than join in the blanket cancellations at this time, I am taking advantage of the flexibility available to our rather simple and well organized event. As no one can currently plan anything else on April 11-12 and no one would be driving cross country to attend, we can decide as late...
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    Boat supply Open Letter

    Let me put on my hat as a past District Secretary, past North American Vice President, past certified Class Measurer, past Fleet Captain, past builder of similar one design dinghies, current sailboat repair business owner, for 37 consecutive years the host of the Easter Laser Regatta, the last...
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    Welcome to the Gamma Class!

    Please note: the ILCA can, based upon certain agreements, certify a boat as “allowed in our game.” I have no problem with ILCA saying, “We won’t automatically certify boats from factory X.” I do have a problem with the ILCA saying, “We don’t know what you are building so all boats built at...
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    Welcome to the Gamma Class!

    So many concerns: **Who would be willing to invest the millions it takes to set up a Gamma company when there are so many unresolved liabilities related to LP’s rights?? **( Understand before reading further>>> I was one who advocated for changing the name and cutting loose from the rights...
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    What a stinking lousy mess!!! Everyone wants the exact same thing.... lots of Lasers sold all over the planet. This should not be so damned difficult!!!
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    Laser Class removes LaserPerformance as approved builder

    Come to the big North American Laser Freedom Celebration!!
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    Bye bye LP

    The Grand Official ding dong the witch is dead celebration kicks off in Austin on Good Friday . Come to the home town of the ILCA and celebrate the resurrection of Laser Sailing in North America!! Maybe the new builder will rven Be There...
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    Regardless, Laser sailors from all across North America are gathering in Austin Easter Weekend to CELEBRATE!!!
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    Huge North American Celebration

    Laser Sailors from across America are gathering to celebrate the resurrection of Laser sailing with our new supportive and enthusiastic builder. No need to wait and see who it is!! The party is already scheduled. Come gather in the center of the warm part of North America!! Ding dong the...
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    Easter Laser Regatta

    35th EASTER LASER REGATTA March 31-April 1, 2018 The Austin Yacht Club, Laser Fleet #22, Schroth Fiberglass, and the Easter Bunny Himself are the proud sponsors of this event . (This is the 35th event and 34 years since the birth of the event) The race will be governed by the Racing Rules...
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    stuck rudder

    Have some decency!!! How would you like it if somebody started yanking parts off your back end?!?!? The boat is 41 years old!! Have some respect. Leave the rudder where it belongs and go sailing!!
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    Non-classlegal standard, radial cut sail on the market!

    Yeah!! Like a reinforcing patch is an entirely new concept worthy of a patent
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    Easter in Austin

    This is the week. Lake Travis is full for the first time in many years Registration is at 8:30 in the clubhouse Let's make the 33rd Annual Easter Laser Regatta a ton of fun Actually we already know it will be fabulous. The only question is whether we can help you avoid the personal pain of...
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    Keel Bolt Pulled Partway Out

    HELL NO!!!! Do not even attempt to lift your boat with that bolt!!!! Get bit fixed by a shop with experience and plenty of insurance and NEVER let anyone anywhere near your boat while it is hanging EVER again!!!!
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    All about to kick off....