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    Easter Laser Regatta

    35th EASTER LASER REGATTA March 31-April 1, 2018 The Austin Yacht Club, Laser Fleet #22, Schroth Fiberglass, and the Easter Bunny Himself are the proud sponsors of this event . (This is the 35th event and 34 years since the birth of the event) The race will be governed by the Racing Rules...
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    stuck rudder

    Have some decency!!! How would you like it if somebody started yanking parts off your back end?!?!? The boat is 41 years old!! Have some respect. Leave the rudder where it belongs and go sailing!!
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    Non-classlegal standard, radial cut sail on the market!

    Yeah!! Like a reinforcing patch is an entirely new concept worthy of a patent
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    Easter in Austin

    This is the week. Lake Travis is full for the first time in many years Registration is at 8:30 in the clubhouse Let's make the 33rd Annual Easter Laser Regatta a ton of fun Actually we already know it will be fabulous. The only question is whether we can help you avoid the personal pain of...
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    Keel Bolt Pulled Partway Out

    HELL NO!!!! Do not even attempt to lift your boat with that bolt!!!! Get bit fixed by a shop with experience and plenty of insurance and NEVER let anyone anywhere near your boat while it is hanging EVER again!!!!
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    All about to kick off....
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    Stuff it Kirby!!

    Seemes like for the benefit of Gantt ....a bump is in order..
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    All about to kick off....

    Decisions made in a vacuum suck
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    Laser Hull Gloss

    pretty much all boats are shiny while sailing. Your starting line concerns are way more than that which is appropriate for reality. besides, the RC won't see ypou over unless you are over and if you are over and the great sport we all would all love to believe you are, you WANT the RC to see...
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    Laser Hull Gloss

    click here for combination insomnia cure and polishing directions
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    All about to kick off....

    I suppose it all depends on your point of view
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    All about to kick off....

    Seems to me as you are on the bottom of the world you must be pǝɹɟ and I didn't pay attention to the ISAF meeting so info will have to come from elsewhere Too bad the wonderful John Bentley ran out of Earth time. I would have loved to hear his educated opinion about all this crap.
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    It's Faust's Birthday!!!

    Yessir. Golden Spike day. and Eric Faust's Birthday are one in the same...although the golden spike was driven a tad longer ago than our general manager was born...But the percentage of difference keeps shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.. He may still only be a master but he's halfway to...