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    Trailer vs Roof Rack

    It looks like the only thing the guys at Rite on trailer forgot was a few mounting brackets to carry your spars!
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    Trailer vs Roof Rack

    Thanks for all of the helpful replies. It looks like a trailer is the way to go for me! I think it will be easy to singlehand with the trailer, especially the part when I come back home and don't feel like unloading the boat by myself. I have a pretty long commute to work and wouldn't want to...
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    vacation ideas (florida?)

    I went to Sandals Royal Bahamian in January (2010). That place was a ripoff! Poor service, they nickel and dimed us for everything, the hobie cats were literally falling apart and the place was run down. I went to Aventura Spa Palace in 2005 (my only other all inclusive resort trip), and...
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    Trailer vs Roof Rack

    I'm trying to decide if I should get a trailer or roof racks to transport my laser. I will be mostly sailing from a beach and have a dolly. I was originally going to go with the racks, but got to thinking it would be easier to use different vehicles with a trailer, and if I buy a new car I...
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    Laser Race vs XD

    I'm thinking about buying a laser to race. The dealer has some demo Race Lasers from the Worlds, but I was originally considering the XD model. Is it worth it to get the XD upgrade? How does it really compare in the real world racing environment? If you were going to get one, would you save a...