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    Sailing in heavy winds

    And my hands get sore and arms tired from constantly hanging onto that mainsheet!! it is fun and exciting up above 12 knots or so, but 15-16 would be my limit. As to rig strength I think the stays would be the weak link, so I remade mine with the next size bigger wire (3/16 instead of 1/8 if...
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    Hi - new member

    Hi Vic -- Welcome aboard and thanks for the info on the CorrosionX, I've just been using "Blaster" Corrosion Stop, but not long enough to say how well it might hold up. CRC has a Dry Lube that has kept my blocks and cam cleats slippery and is supposed to work on sail tracks but I've been...
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    Under deck mast support broken

    Aw geez, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think there might be something seriously wrong with the deck underneath your maststep for this to happen, especially in light winds. So, no, I doubt simply gluing stuff back is going to be safe for you. Some young captain posted here in the...
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    Replacement Hiking Straps

    Hi -- I formerly had the four washers and it was okay, but upgraded when replacing the rear strap to a single stainless steel plate. Dipped the end in epoxy boat resin and caulked the bejaspers out of everything down there as I was getting some pitting of the underneath of the barney and don't...
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    First Sail in my 1987

    Hey -- I remember that the major trimming was at the bottom, with some lesser amount from the top to get it to fit under the wood trim. It trimmed real easy and the hardest part of that was climbing in and out with the hatch as I got close b/c I wanted to only remove the barest minimum necc...
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    Mod 1 or Mod 2?

    Kentth -- That's the first stinkpot vs. sailboat story I've heard that had a satisfactory ending. yeah, I'd say you indeed got the last laugh. :D Surprised to hear that you could sail full up with water. I filled mine once and it just stalled and rounded up. I was sailing close hauled to...
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    Replacement Hiking Straps

    velcro?? Not sure about velcro or why you'd want that, but they did sew loops into the forward two so that they could be attached to the front of the barney post with the brackets there. They did have provision for special instructions, so if you have something custom in mind... :confused...
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    Just bought 14.2 mod II / Sailing Charlotte Harbor FL

    I'd suggest buying a good, waterproof cover. Florida weather is tough on everything, so try to even keep the sun off your trailer tires. I use the heavyweight truck tarps, but they are a bear to wrestle with. When I was looking to buy a boat, I saw many examples of boats that had lost a $1000...
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    Replacement Hiking Straps

    cheap source Hi Got mine last year from I think the whole order, cut and sewn with loops was less than $25 with shipping. Liked the fact that I could choose a color.
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    Hatch cover

    My mod one hatch solution Hi ejholmgren -- I found a plastic, allegedly watertight hatch that I shoehorned into the space on a 1987Mod One last year with a fair bit of fussing and trimming. It's worked out okay so far. Here's the link to the post on 5/29 last year with the info...
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    Delamination problem

    West Epox And the technical help advisors at their 800 number are the best: patient, knowledgeable to a fault and very thorough.
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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    Followup results: oarlocks on old jib cars Hi all After close inspection it looks like the old jib cars will not stand up to being used for oarlocks without some considerable strengthening of the two parts -- the "C" shaped part that fits over the t-track was starting to loosen from the wing...
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    Rebedding Jib Cars

    Hi I've had mine off about 4 times now and used good 'ole household silicone sealant each time I re-installed. It was not hard to meter the amount so that there was minimal squeeze out, and it's pretty soft stuff so that I could easily remove any that got in the way. The area beneath the...
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    Tiller tamer?

    Yes, the board stayed all the way down, and now that you mention it, probably contributed to the stability. Can't think of any reason to, or benefit from, raising it. Am I overlooking something??
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    Tiller tamer?

    it's actually fun I did it today, it worked fine in both very light wind and 10 mph gusts, and it did not require lashing the tiller aleeward -- I just had to push it hard over and it pretty much stayed there by itself. I probably was heaved-to (hoved?? I dunno) for 10 minutes and even without...