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    Mainsheet Blocks

    No Janson, it is NOT legal to change the traveller block or boom blocks - these have to be builder supplied blocks (either the old design or the new design, not any other design). The only block of the mainsheet system that it is legal to change is the mainsheet block itself i.e. the ratchet...
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    Traveler Line

    Jeffers, I think you'll find that the class rules only prohibit kevlar (aramid) in the kicker and cunningham control systems, not the traveller (or outhaul or mainsheet).
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    Tiller Length

    Yes, several years ago, when I got a tiller extension, I cut about 4 inches off the tiller. It helps. On a tack, it's hard to pass the tiller behind your back when it's poking you in the back. Of course, a shorter tiller won't stop flukey winds, but it won't handicap you either.
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    Whisker Pole Storage Ideas

    Whisker Pole Storage I cut two 4" pieces of PVC pipe, made large holes on one side, then put a screwdriver through those holes to screw the PVC to the boom with stainless steel screws. The jaws of the whisker pole attach to loops of small diameter line attached to each end of the boom. This...
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    New to sailing - new to the 14.2 - can I do this?

    Sure You Can Scott, I agree with Jim: you can easily do this. It sounds like you are aware of the potential for capsize, have some good ideas about how to prevent it (e.g. mainsheet in hand, watch the wind speed), and will be prepared to recover in the slim chance that a capsize occurs...
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    Jib Halyard

    Jib Haylard Tubaguy, Yes, the free end of the jib halyard goes through the clam cleat, and is then fastened to a small horn cleat a little lower on the mast. I found that the small block (up by the forestay) was too close to the mast; the jib halyard would pinch against the mast and not...
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    14.2 easy to capsize?

    Not Especially Prone to Capsize Mike, I wouldn't say that the Capri 14.2 is especially prone to capsizing in winds over 10. In four years, I've only had one unintentional capsize. I think she's heavy and beamy for her length, so she generally goes over more slowly than a lighter and more...
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    New Boat Questions

    Making Adjustments Mike, If your experience is in dinghy sailing, you'll find the Capri 14.2 easy to sail. But there are a few things that might be helpful to keep in mind... The rudder is somewhat short, so if she heels sharply it will lift out of the water. She sails best flat, or with...
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    Transom height

    Transom Board, Battery Box I also chose an electric trolling motor (Minn Kota Endura 30, with 30" shaft and 30 # of thrust), powered by a Toyo 6GFM34 sealed, rechargable, deep cycle battery. The battery measures 6.25" high, 7.75"wide, and 5" deep. Both the motor and battery can be found online...
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    Looking For Used Main Sail

    Found Good Used Sails :) I did find a good used main - and a jib. Thanks to those who responded to my request.
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    Looking For Used Main Sail

    I'm looking for a used main sail, in good condition. I'm guessing that the demand exceeds the supply. So does anyone know what other main sails fit the Capri 14.2? I measured my 24-year-old main as: 7' 6" Foot 16' Luff 18' 6" Leach Thanks.