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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    It was the sound of water, waves, and wind for me. I work in a mechanical enviroment, and I like the sound of a high performance engine, but sailing is a more relaxing sound to me, so much nicer than the buzz or roar of a power boat.
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    Sunfish Racing Sail

    Looks good to me. How do you want payment? See my email for shipping.
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    2000 Vanguard Sunfish and Trailer

    I would like to see those pictures Is the daggard board the new plastic style? Is the sail a racing sail?
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    waiting for the next race
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    2002 Sunfish Racing Sailboat

    could you please send pics to me? thanks
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    Sail numbers

    I once had a sail number and card for my sunfish(way before computers and email). Years later the numbers fell off and I lost the card. Does somebody keep records of these numbers? Do ihave to get new numbers? I got a new / used racing sail and plastic board to start racing again. Thanks...
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    Sail life?

    How often should sails be replaced for racing? Do thet blow out like other sails if luffed or used alot, does the draft move aft? How many years / regattas, does it take? If I find a used sail what should I look for?
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    Racing sail and plastic board

    I am looking for a used racing sail and plastic dagger board for my old sunfish.
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    Sunfish For Sale

    Do you have any pictures?
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    A few questions from a new Sunfish owner

    Sorry, we have a minifish the same color hull and sail at our sailing camp, and it has the same splash guard as the mini fish.
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    A few questions from a new Sunfish owner

    It is a minifish.