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    Laser Open - River Orwell, Suffolk, UK

    I welcome everyone to attend our Club's laser open on 3rd October, hopefully not too far for most of you ;) Any questions let me know!!
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    Sailing World

    Completely agree.
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    Laser 4000 main sail/batten problem

    Hi Giles I am a fellow 4000 sailor! It appears like your battens are too tight in their pockets, they don't need to be tight and should be loose so they can 'pop' in tacks and gybes. Have a try and get back if the problem isn't fixed! Also, more info about the boat is available here...
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    Laser 2 rigging questions

    Rigging guide available here:
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    Guinness record attempt

    I am Laser Class Captain at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club (Suffolk, UK) and I know that we are certainly taking part! I hope it will be a great event (both globally and locally) in honour of a fantastic sailor.
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    New sail...excited...sorry...

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    Got Stalked By A Marine Carnivore While Lasering

    During 2013 I was stalked by a seal on a few occasions, once the seal popped up behind my transom and looked like it wanted to join me in the boat! However it prefers stalking my Mirror Dinghy - it once followed me for around 20 minutes - following me upwind and downwind! It has climbed into...
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    Pointing - How high can you go?

    I tend to go lower and faster rather than higher and slower, works well on a shifty river!
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    Laser Cruising - furling and luggage

    I use a dry bag & ropes from the mast to the bow eye, isn't too pretty but is secure.
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    Laser Snow Sailing

    I went out sailing the other day - About 4 degC but great fun!
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    Laser Snow Sailing

    I've done a bit of snow sailing before on the East Coast (UK), it's great fun but you certainly need a RO who understands that races must be short and happen almost back to back - plus rescue boats on hand!
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    Question: Byte CII sail on a Laser

    The Byte CII sail uses a halyard system rather than a sleeve system on the mainsail.
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    How long have you been sailing your Laser?

    In 2009 I moved into a Laser and began racing - never looked back!
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    Sailing Distance

    I've done 12.2 miles in my Mirror dinghy in about 2.5/3 hours. I've done a few <10 mile trips in the afternoon in my laser, but plan to extended that to +20 miles this summer.
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    filled with water!!!!

    There is a little 'breathing' hole underneath the bow end of the toe-strap. Since the bow was down - I assume it filled up the hull by using this hole.