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    Painting the Sunfish

    Hi everyone, I have a 1970 Sunfish which is in exelent contition exept that the finish has faded, no shine at all. So I will like to paint it. I will like to know what paint is good and what ever advice and input enyone has will be appriciated. thanks. georita.
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    Painting the Sunfish

    Hi fellows, I have an older sunfish which is in exelent condition exept that the gellcoat is faded .What would be the best way to to paint (which paint) or is there a gell type of a coat that I could apply. Any sugestions will be appriciated.Thanks. georita.
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    Thank you very much for the info I will go to and see what they have.Again thanks. georita.
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    Hi Webfoot, I reed that you found plans for a sailfish which i anderstand is similar to presend Sunfish I own a 1972 Sunfish but I love to build a wooden one. I have build 4 small boats,that is what I love to do. So if you have any plans or know where to get them please email...
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    Rigging diagrams.

    Hi. I just baught a Sunfish,and I am trying to dowload the Rigging diagrams PDF.The file is 968Mb it downloads to 967 Mb and it freezes,I can not seem to get it.If anybody can help please comment. Thanks , georita:(
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    Sunfish New Member

    Hi everyone, Thanks for leting me join the Sunfish forum. georita.:)