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    Wanted: 14.2 rudder with tiller and extension

    Wanted 14.2 rudder with tiller and extension under $250
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    Gathering Fleet Information: Send me your info.

    The Arizona Yacht Club has an active fleet. 10 to 15 boats race at Tempe Town Lake. I am fleet captain. George Tingom
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    When are the 14.2 Nationals?

    A Catalina 22 sailor won. His daughter also has a 14.2, but he chose to have me sail/ crew Fun Day. Eight short races. The good guys had 4 firsts 3 seconds and one fourth. Still trying to verify that the Nationals will be in San Diego mid September 2011
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    Arizona 14.2 Fleet & AZ Yacht Club Championship Race

    Saturday 5/7/11 Nine 14.2s were raced (each fleet championship got a chance at each boat). Only eight races were needed. I had fun crewing on the winning boat. Arizona Yacht Club Championship - Final Results May 7, 2011 Place Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6...
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    When are the 14.2 Nationals?

    Our local Arizona Yacht Club will hold the club championship in 14.2s this year at Tempe Town Lake. May 7th is the day and 10 individual Fleet winners will sail ten races; swapping boats after each race. Fleets range from Lasers to Vipers. But on next Saturday they will all be in 14.2s
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    The Capri 14.2 Nationals: September 15-16, 2007 - Mission Bay YC, San Diego

    web site with photos of Nationals At the Saturday dinner, a comment was made that there might be over a thousand pictures of the races on a web site. I forgot the name of the web site. George Tingom
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    Factory Sails wanted

    I teach sailing at Tempe Town Lake in Arizona. The Arizona Sailing Foundation has six 14.2's that have varying degrees of "old - old" sails. If anyone has recently bought a new boat that came with factory sails that were not or seldom used, ASF would like to buy them for $200 each pair (up...