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    Forestay and shrouds - one more time...

    measure to the center of the thimble forestay 15'2.25" shrouds 15'8.75"
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    rub rail

    I'm missing about 2 feet of rub rail around the bow of my 1989 14.2. Anyone have some scrap to share, or ideas about substitutes without replacing the whole thing?
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    New owner - are hiking straps a must?

    I'm 67 and spending my first summer with a 14.2. My "other boat" is a Catalina 27. While hiking straps make a difference, I think it's really the ability of the sailor to shift sides and move where needed in the boat. I've gone over several times, even stuck the mast in the mud once (don't...
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    Cunningham & Jib Halyard

    The cunningham is used to put tension on the luff of the main to change sail shape. It ususally is done with a line through a grommet above the tack, with a line led up, through the grommet and cleated back on the mast. The same effect can essentially be achieved by a downhaul on the boom - a...
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    14.2 boat for sale no mast

    This ends up about what the boat's worth: This might work to cut down and re-rig
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    14.2 boat for sale no mast

    If you have a mast looking for a boat, or lots of parts, this could be a deal.
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    photo attached
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    This manual has a picture on page 38.‎ Not great - but it might help. The line comes from the padeye stopper, through the block to the the centerboard block, back forward to a block, and then around to the cam cleat. Lifting is done with the...
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    Find blocks matching your needs at Defender - link below. Shop for price at other vendors. You'll need to buy the padeye separate from the block if your current padeye is shot. At this level it's better to replace the whole block than mess with replacing the sheeve (wheel), even if that's...
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    What shackle should I buy?

    This is the shackle that was on my jib tack when I bought the boat. It works. At least you can use the size to shop for alternatives.|118|2186|312052&id=123707
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    Have you named your boat?

    I recently bought an 89 which had not been named. The primary use is to teach the grandkids how to sail - and if granddad gets to spend time putzing around on the lake close to home - that's good too. I told the kids to come up with a name, but at 9 and 11 years old they failed to reach...
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    Newbie with hiking strap ??

    Thanks - apparently I need the eye pad plate and bail. Lots to learn, and buy, to get ready for the season.
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    Newbie with hiking strap ??

    I just bought a 1989 Capri 14.2, sans hiking straps. The brackets for the front straps are there, but not the bracket for the rear strap. I've followed the threads here and seen the schematic, but can't figure out where to fasten the rear hiking strap bracket on the barney post. Maybe I'm...