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    Rats: Intensity vs. OEM sails?

    I (and nearly all the lasers in my sailing club) use the intensity laser sails. Like most of their products, great quality at a very reasonable price. Well worth the price and everybit as sturdy as OEM.
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    JOTAG Dolly

    I have a jotag sunfish dolly and a seatech laser dolly. I've had the jotag for a couple of years now. Overall it's a solid dolly for the price. It's definitely a better fit if you have a older sunfish with the chrome edge. I have a newer rolled edge fish and find it's always slipping around...
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    Double Deck Trailer

    Here's a similar thread I started a while back on the same topic and detail of my double decker build. It been about a year and a half it's holding up great. Converting a trailer for 2 fish? |
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    Water IN the hull

    I'd suggest putting an access port in the front cockpit wall. Every boat is going to get water in it eventually. It's far easier to dry it out if you have a port. You can sponge out the standing water by hand and then use a small fan to get it good and dry. It's basically impossible to get...
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    Storing the hull - is upside down a must?

    Every time I store my fish upside down I end up with a birds nest in the cockpit storage area. My preference is right side up with a good cover. In the winter I add a tennis ball in the mast hole to keep any water from gathering and freezing. Occasionally I stand the Sunfish on the side and...
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    Opinions on a trailer - please comment with your experiences

    I went through the same process last spring. Here's the thread and my final product. Works great. Converting a trailer for 2 fish? |
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    Paid Me To Take The Boat !

    Congratulations that's great luck. Given you are in Charleston, you shouldn't have much trouble finding the parts you need. Put an ad on craigslist and start asking around. There are thousands of old sunfish out there rotting under houses and in people's back yards after the kids have grown...
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    Better Boat Racks

    I have 2 fish on a stacked trailer and sail with my teenage daughter frequently. I've been trying to come up with a way to get a boat on the top rack with minimal or no help. My daughter is not strong enough to confidently lift one end by herself. If you have a reasonable solution, I'd be...
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    Off the beach at Topsail is rough going for a Sunfish. If it's calm enough, there probably isn't enough wind to push you out. If that's your home turf unload the sunfish and look into a Hobie Wave. You'll cut right through the waves on the way out and coast back in with out breaking a sweat...
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    Ratchet block vs. Swivel cam cleat with fairlead

    Best of both worlds - I have that set up on one of my sunfish and just the single ratchet block on the other. I prefer the Rachet Block/Cam combination. If it's gusty you can always route the sheet through the...
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    Looking for a set of sunfish booms in Raleigh NC area.

    Alan - NY is a bit too far away, but thanks for the offer. Sailcraftri - If I can't find something nearby I may look into your shipper. I appreciate the tip.
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    Looking for a set of sunfish booms in Raleigh NC area.

    I'm looking for a good set of used booms/spars for my sunfish. I'm located in Raleigh, NC and hoping to find some I can pick up somewhere near by. Shipping is not an option due to cost. Let me know what you have and what you are asking for them. Thanks, Garrett
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    Drying out my fish

    The damprid did a decent job of getting the hull dried out. It managed to extract about a cup of water over the course of a week. I would't recommend it for an extremely wet situation but it did a nice job of eliminating most of the ambient moisture.
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    Drying out my fish

    I have a 1999 Sunfish that has been fairly dry inside. I ported it a while back to keep an eye on things. Unfortunately, it's starting to leak a bit and I found about a cup or two of water in the hull after sailing recently. I'm still looking for the leak but I was wondering how best to dry...
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    What should I do about this exposed fiberglass?

    Evercoat polyester gelcoat is what i usually use. Their One-step finish gel is typically the best. They also make a gel-paste that works well for gouges and cuts but you have to add color.