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    Hoisting the mainsail.

    Sailh34, thanks for the great reply. I am actually do point the boat in the wind, but somehow it move out of the wind point and then things get a little hairy. Perhaps I need to bring the boat in place with less current and try it again. After all is doing things wrong that you learn too!:D...
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    Hoisting the mainsail.

    After finally putting my sweet Capri in the water on a mooring, I am finally learning how to sail her, and truly having a blast doing so. Yesterday afternoon I went sailing for the first time in a nice breeze that was around 10 to 15 knots with some rare puffs above that. Sailing in the end...
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    music on my 14.2

    Planning some races with some nice pumped up music? Sounds fun do. Very curious.
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    Wanted: Mooring cover

    Did the same and its working really great for me. Never slide off, and keep the boat very clean. :)
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    4HP outboard

    Hey guys, Same situation here. I have a 3.5 mercury four stroke (that I am converting to long shaft) and I am just wondering if it will be enough to move back the Capri in the South Boston bay from the open ocean in case of strong weather or tide conditions. I am also scared to put to much...
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    Thanks! Thanks for all the great info, I am tempted to try this out, but for this summer I will just try out going solo on my little sloop, and possibly avoid to many strong winds.
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    weighted centerboard (how to) "That is why I made a weighted centerboard. Once that weighted centerboard was on all turtling problems became a thing of the past." (nice!) Solarfry, Thank you a great deal for your post and for sharing your experience in the forum. I am very new to...
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    She is waiting for spring. Under a nice cover, waiting for spring to come. I am counting the days!