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    Looking for a Laser near Ohio

    Good Morning Chuck, yes, I have a fast "club" laser I am looking to sell - I live in the Columbus area. Let me know if you would like to look at it this week. Regards, michaelgaber31 at msn dot com
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    What do you guys think about this laser...

    Hi Tristan, yes, with trailer and parts probly worth 1000 to 1200. Should be able to title trailer thru BMV process. Older lasers rock!
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    Sails - Intensity and Class legal

    Interested in $135 class legal and $45 Intesity - still available? I will pay shipping from RI.
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    Thanks George, yes this is the number I have been told as well. My current (older) boat measures closer to 151.5, so I am "too much forward."
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    "148 cm is raked back, 152 cm is raked forward." I dont think these figures are correct - not right dimensions.
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    Yes Fernando, mast rake was measured in the early days (ie 70s) - this information can be found in old laser publications.
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    Stretch in an old sail!

    Yes Freddy, not only does the sail stretch, outhaul line will also stretch and boom will bend (I don't have boom upgrade yet). You will have to play outhaul (vang and cunny also) through the puffs and lulls to keep draft position consistent.
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    Where is the best place to buy a new laser in the USA?

    Andy, For Sale section of this website? Should be able to source a GREAT boat in your geographic area.
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    D18 Regatta - Laserlips June 29 one-day only

    Laser sailors- Laser fleet 513 invites you to have all the fun and races you can handle in one day at the Laserlips Regatta! Save the date: Saturday June 29, 2013 Leatherlips Yacht Club Powell, Ohio Open to all ages, juniors to adults, Full, Radial and 4.7 rigs welcome. Prizes, food...
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    D18 Regatta - Cowen Lake OH May 4-5

    Subject: CLSA Laser Regatta > Have you seen this weekend's forecast??? It's currently sitting at 70 degrees with 8-10kts of wind and gust to 14. What could be more perfect for a spring time Laser Regatta? > > We've currently got 16 confirmed and 3-5 on the fence. Looks like it's going to be a...
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    "Wedge"-plate for the XD-Cleats?

    Are these wedges class legal?
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    VIntage Laser?

    Hi Kelly yes - racing older boat with wood(ie) makes sense. I race with an old 72'ish boat (#8056) and 78' vintage sail and still manage to have fun. All laser hulls are are fast - sailors determine race position.
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    Fiberglass repair by autobody shop

    Benjamin, this looks to be too much for auto shop, I've had auto repair process add significant weight to my boat. If you are near OH I can recommend someone. Mike G
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    What sailboat is this?

    US-1 type sailboat, used to be manufactured in FL in early 1980s. Not sure whether there is class association anymore.
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    Mast step failure - opinions/estimates desired

    EJ, serveral "older" club boats had same issue, sailmaster just anchored tube and reinforced deck for simple cheap fix which didn't fail again and didn't need mast step kit. Since you are in Ohio, one person I would recommend Joe McHenry in Dublin. He can be found here...