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    humming sound while planing

    I know that it is related to bad hydraulic flow on your foils and loose fiting within your daggerboard trunk. if like me, you do not race your Laser, enjoy it. On a reach (or on any other point of sail), I constantly try to go as fast as I can, but on a reach you can make the boat "sing", then I...
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    zhik power pads for sale

    JF, Vous pouvez envoye votre numero de tel a mon couriel ci-haut. Merci GG
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    zhik power pads for sale

    BaBaorhum, Quel coin de la ville? Je pourrais etre interesse.
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    Naples, Florida

    Heading south to Naples for a week, any clubs or community centers where we could charter a laser or two for a day? Any good shops to find Laser parts, gear, apparel? Looking forrward to getting away from all this snow ans seeing the Gulf! Cheers, GG
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    Boston area shops

    Any good spots in the Boston area to shop for laser gear and dinghy sailing equipment/apparel? I googled but nothing obvious sticks out. Can anyone help? GG
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    march break 2010

    Anyone aware of a Laser regatta, training camp or event, etc that might be taking place in the Miami area around early to mid March???? Thinking of heading that way for our spring break. Cheers, GG
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    Tiller wedge orientation

    From looking at my tiller, the two railings go at the bottom probably to let the rudder tie-down line run freely. as shown here. Hope this help. GG
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    Auto Bailer

    There's several short clips on youtube, try this one: YouTube - Laser Self Bailer Repair - Band Replacement Cheers, GG
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    laser mast step leaking

    Vege Pie, Water can come in your hull from several location, to find out if your mast step is the culprit, pour some water in the mast step and see if it leaks. If so, the integrity of your mast step is jeopardized (maybe not critically but nonetheless). since you were able to see the interior...
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    sandblasting my hull?

    So the season is coming to an end, for us up here in the north, went out at 12C with 15knots last week-end and had a great time!:) sadly enough, forecast for the week-end even colder, I don't care how many layers you put gets cold quick out there. So it 's time to get the Laser ready for...
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    Winter gear trouble.

    cudo to glexpress, I was going to offer to you to spend a single winter here in Quebec city, to see what cold really means, you would never complain about being cold again in Florida....We go down to your beautiful state in the winter to warm up! :D Just imagine what -30C feels like, while...
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    Calling on all experts

    bravo Pif le Chien, That's the one a Fennec, the design and logo are the I can research a bit more on it. Surprising to see a French built and design unit on this side of the pond! thanks to all. Ghislain
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    Calling on all experts

    Last week-end I was out with one of our new members, who just bought (used) a dinghy sailboat, I could not find any identification plates etc to find out what model it is, locally we are all baffled by his boat. It is very similar to a 420 or 470, it is from the '70's era and his mainsail...
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    revamping old laser

    Nick, There are several posting in the archives of this forum on line set-up etc. for example: Although this is the racing set-up it will give you and idea of what is required. Or this one shows you how to improve working ratios for the...
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    Mast Step Help

    We used this guide to fix ours, it is quite thorough: It is a good start. Ghislain