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    WTB complete rudder/ daggerboard

    I have a like new complete rudder, tiller, hiking stick assembly. They came off of my brand new boat which I have preferred to use an old assembly on. I have had the rudder in a closet for a few years, and might as well sell it. I will want 80% of the cost of new. I also have some old wood...
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    Worlds sail for sale

    I have a lightly used worlds sail that was used in I believe 1998 at the Worlds hosted in Sayville N.Y. The sail is Red and Blue, and is excellent condition. Was stored indoors since the worlds and only used a few times since then. The one picture is from the actual event, and the sail in...
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    '76 Alcort Sailfish Sails

    I have a red and white sailfish sail, that I would consider selling. Email me at and I will send pictures. Thanks John
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    top cover wanted

    I am looking for a good used Sunfish top cover as well as a good spar bag that zips the entire length of the bag. If you know of a reasonable priced and good quality new cover or bag, I would also appreciate that information.