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    Gathering Fleet Information: Send me your info.

    Fleet Name Lake Mission Viejo Yacht Club Fleet City & State. Mission Viejo, Ca Fleet Captain Peter Tietz Contact Number. Contact Email Home Club/Ramp/Area Social Media Contacts (If Available) We are...
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    Loose Screws on Mast Plate

    Get some larger stainless screws. Carefully drill out the old holes to fit the bigger screws. You may also need to drill out the plate. Use good caulking on the plate and screw it down. Don't use bolts with nuts as a dismasting can pull up the deck.
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    2011 Nationals

    Has anyone heard anything about the nationals coming up Sept. 17 and 18?
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    SLO racing Sails

    Does anyone have experience with SLO racing sails? I am looking at a new suit for the Nationals and want to get some input. Do we know if the sails are measured to be approved for racing in Nationals? San Luis Obispo, CA.
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    Experience with SLO Sails?

    SLO Sails So, did you get your sails? If so, were they Racing sails? How do they perform? Their price is much lower than the majors like Quantum and N. Sails.
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    off the schnide

    just a post to get us off the schnide.
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    any suggestions on what size of Battlestick is best for the 14.2?