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    Is it a North or Hyde?

    Thanks LooserLu.
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    Is it a North or Hyde?

    Upon Inspection, Can North and Hyde Sails be Identified from each other? If they are new and unopened? If they are used? What might be some ways of determining this?
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    Laser Trailer Opinions

    48,000 miles on my Kitty Hawk, (cross country 4 times) plus all the other distances. First time I was worried about the 8" tires, but even in 100 degrees the hubs never got warm enough to warrant worry, normally they were always cool to the palm. Some people install 12" wheels for this concern...
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    Which one, Harken vang or Holt vang?

    Nathan. Excess friction in light conditions. Excessive line and having to pull more than on grab. Gradually remove parts it until you find your like. Of course if your very weak the 15.1 is necessary. Make sure you pull with your body and arm stiff, not with your arm alone.
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    Quick Gel Coat Repair

    Lots of crunches in the bow when I was learning. :mad: Didn't have time to repair between several regatts. Tapped over the damage spots with rigging tape (worked really well kepping out moisture.):cool: Boat was new so I repaired with matched gelcoat from Vanguard, (bought 1 of each color.) Got...
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    what kind of boat waxes do you use?

    Starbrite with PTEF used here too. Good for two regattas in the salt waters. The boat slides right off the dolly indicating its still working.
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    I'm ready to send money via Pay Pal to purchase new sails on the Laser For Sail Ads. But it...

    I'm ready to send money via Pay Pal to purchase new sails on the Laser For Sail Ads. But it seems like such a chance, in that the seller is across the country. How can I be confident the deal is real? The lister has been a member since 2010 if that is of any consideration.
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    Both going into retirement :cool: from major racing. Both are the same condition, no issues or problems. They are great for club racing and practice. I would like $150 each OR $275 for both. SOLD!!! Email me at
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    Cleaning the non skid deck

    AJAX, COMET, etc. really easy getting out stains. Then follow up with boat polish.
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    New laser in 10 days - transport questions

    2 California to Miami round trips, 1 California to Montreal RT, 1 California to Buffalo RT. Many west coast excursions and others amounting to over 40,000 miles in all weathers with a new laser on a Kitty Hawk. Never a nick. Storm top and Auqatic bottom cover, (borrow the one you need). Wore out...
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    battens falling out

    I had one of those sails with the straight pocket too (radial). I've had batten falling out problems with 3 of the 8 sails I've gone through (all brands). Sewed the sleeves so installing and removing battens was tight, that worked. But taping from each side around the leech a few inches...
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    Sail Only Option at Intensity Sails

    No, Sorry. I bought 2 Intensity sails (0ne radial and one standard) with battens and all the Intensity battens are shorter (up to 3/4") than the battens that came with my North and Hyde sails. The North and Hyde sail battens are all identical in length. The Intensity battens are not. Can't argue...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    What you can't do in one, you can do in the other.
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    Unused Laser Standard Sail

    Give me a call (left a message on your phone) or email.