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    Mast snapped - can I use conduit?

    Check eBay, look for something near you.
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    Turtle Prevention

    The Hoofers Sailing Club in Madison WI has, among it's fleets, 12' dinghies. Most everyone that sails them, likes to go out into the middle of Lake Mendota, capsize and turtle, and sunbathe on the hull bottom! Speaking of masthead floats, my Hobie Cat Getaway has a big obnoxious float (they...
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    main block and hiking straps?

    Thanks, Andy. Nice video! No, I usually tack by turning my back to the bow. Maybe a habit from 30 years of Hobie Cats, where I have to hand the tiller extension around the back of the mainsheet, and the main block is at the stern. I don't usually cleat my mainsheet, even on the Hobie. I've found...
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    58 Mile Trip

    Hey Cowboy. How 'bout let's leave the politics ashore?
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    58 Mile Trip

    Thanks, KJ. What a great little adventure. Such things make up a life. I love the dolphins! I remember seeing them off the bow of my aircraft carrier. These days, I'm lucky to see a carp, but still...sailing is living.
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    main block and hiking straps?

    I have a 1978 (I think) Sunfish that has a hook instead of a main block, and no hiking straps. I bought a standup block, but am having second thoughts about installing it. When I tack, I often rotate my aged and non-limber body around the front of the cockpit, and find it's easier to transfer...
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    Would you sail your Sunfish (or small sailboat) in this lake?

    Why not? I have a Hobie Cat that I trailer 70 miles to sail on a 10,000 acre lake. My local lake is 160 acres, which is tiny for a Hobie. But sometimes I sail the Hobie on it, I just have to tack A LOT. I was given a Sunfish last fall, and it's a BLAST on the small lake.
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    Topping Lift Anyone?

    Seems over complicated. But, you could run a cord through the eye at the mast head, and tie one end to the boom gooseneck and the other end to the eye in the end cap of the lower boom. Lower the upper boom down and tie a few reefing lines around both booms and the sail to contain things. Sheet...
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    What is the correct name for this hardware?

    Could you turn the bracket upside down, and mount the cams on the other side? So to lock off, you would have to reach down to lock it, but any tug would release it on a gust? Maybe adjust the angle of the bracket in a vise?
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    What is the correct name for this hardware?

    Score! 4 bucks? Unreal. Definitely an upgrade to what you have. My Sunny only has the hook, so I bought a swiveling block so I can control from the boat, instead of pulling directly on the boom. But I didn't want to spring for one with a cam cleat because I'm cheap. Yeah, check out the release...
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    The Sunfish Experience

    500 pounds on a Sunfish? Wow. My Hobie Getaway, which is touted as a "social" boat, only has a capacity of 900 pounds. My Hobie 17 was rated, I think, at 350. Personally, I consider the Sunfish a solo boat. But I've only had it a little while, and only sailed it a few times. Maybe I'll try it...
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    The Sunfish Experience

    Keep the Capri! I mean, go ahead and get a Sunfish too, but you're going to want the bigger boat sometimes. I've had Hobie 17s, Thistle 17, Rascal 16, have sailed bigger boats to 34', currently have a Hobie Getaway (16'). I was given a Sunfish. It's a fun boat, super easy to rig and sail, fun to...
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    Long distance sailing

    350 miles in 3 days on a Sunfish?
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    On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats

    Yeah, I've been there. I restored an old Rascal, spent a bunch of time, and a fair amount of money. But it turned out ok. But the Sunfish I was given for free last year? It's GREAT. Owned by a meticulous owner; the boat, sail, trailer all in great shape. I'm adding a mast cleat and a main block...
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    Why’d I wait soo long?

    There are lazy days, and crazy days! Both fun in their own way. I just was given a Sunfish in great condition. What a fun little boat. I also have a Hobie Cat Getaway (I've had a variety of daysailers, mostly Hobies, for 29 years.). I encourage you to get the kids out on the boat with you. You...