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    I'm liking the baby Melges, the Melges 14. Pricey but cool. Melges 14 - Melges Although if I were buying a new daysailer, I'd probably go for the Melges 15. Much faster.
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    Winter Projects?

    I went back to the job (on contract) that I retired from, 6 years ago. Too cold to sail, not enough snow to ski. Earning some extra cash to pay professional carpenters and roofers to finish up the housenextdoor that I've got 90% finished, but am really tired of working on (2 years in). Plus, it...
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    Interesting Nautical Terms on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace etc.

    There was a T-shirt for sail at Kohls that I nearly purchased because of the irony of it. It had a graphic of a sailboat with nearly everything mislabeled. The jib was labeled spinnaker, and I don't remember the rest, but it was hilarious.
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    Transporting the Sunfish of my childhood

    The problem with renting a Uhaul trailer is that the springs are so stiff, it'll give the boat a very rough ride. To get it home, I'd pad your roof rails and strap it down really well. For future transportation, get a trailer designed for the light weight of the boat.
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    Best Dry Bag for Sunfish Cubby/ how to secure items?

    I have a 30 liter sealline bag with the purge valve that is a perfect fit in the cubby. It's not going to come out unless you pull it.
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    Sunfish Tools...

    Bwahaha! I’m not sure where I’d attach a ground to a Sunfish hull, but I’ll take your word for it! Yeah, def not a “Sunfish tool” but I’m so darned excited about it. My wife and I took welding classes together a couple of years ago, she’s much better than I am. Hey, we can fix trailers and...
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    Sunfish Tools...

    Not sure it's a Sunfish tool, but my soon to be favorite tool (as soon as it arrives, I Kickstarted it) is this. I bought a 50# box of Lincoln 6011 sticks so I'm ready to melt some metal, and my wife is excited for the MIG welder and plasma cutter. She's wanted a plasma cutter for years. I love...
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    Can you teach a beginner to sail in 20+ knot winds?

    I went on a 4 day trip with Matt. He really is very safety conscious and incredibly competent.
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Oh, I thought that a mainsheet cleat isn’t legal. I’m likely wrong, since I don’t race and not interested in racing. I’m probably going to modify the rudder to be more vertical, or buy the one that Lee demonstrated.
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    As it happens, I did dump the boat when a wind shift gybed me. True, if I had left the sheet cleated (I didn’t, it’s easier to right it the boat with a loose sheet as I’m sure you know), and if I hadn’t swum the bow into the wind (which I always do, maybe a habit from Hobies), and if I had let...
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    I installed the Nautos 4266 ratchet block with cam cleat. (I can’t get photo bucket to work) and sailed it yesterday in gusty, flukey winds. It made a huge difference! I feel in control of the boat so much more. It made it easier to deal with gusts, a quick tug and it uncleated, and I could...
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    The nice thing about this cleat is that it’s quick and easy to cleat and to uncleat since it rotates towards me and I just pull the sheet up or down. Similar to other dinghies I sail.
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    I just bought this one. I had fitted just a 57mm block with no cleat, but the long tacks we had on Lake Superior made me decide to add one with a cam cleat.
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    Sunfish camp cruising in the Apostle Islands

    Matt (Adventures In Reach on Youtube), Nate, and myself did a little sail around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior in late July. So much fun! Matt made this video of the trip. 4 days, 3 camping nights.
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    Beginner Technique

    I added a 24" bungee hooked into the bridal eyelets with a wrap around my tiller. It tames the tiller a lot! When Matt and I were up on Lake Superior a couple of weeks ago, he saw me struggling every time I tacked or tried to sheet in, couldn't release the tiller for a second.