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    Racing tips

    I noticed the boat slows down significantly when you try to squeeze out a few more degrees of point. So, unless you have more wind than you need and are trying to de-power the jib by flattening it, I leave the jib on a curve similar to the bow of the boat. Not a great point, but VMG and...
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    Shroud Supports; chain plates

    So the shrouds are pulling directly up on those bolts? I would guess you're missing hardware. I won't climb into my cabin to confirm, sorry. I would add a fender washer and a nylock nut to each. It couldn't hurt, right?
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    Mystery holes...

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    Omega Capri 14 Centerboard Control

    I couldn't find a good picture of how this model's centerboad controls are run. I can tell you about the Capri 14 and maybe it will translate. The bungee is run from a loop on the aft top corner of the board to a eye in the stern. This pulls the board down. Mine is a bungee loop with a shackle...
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    On mine, I recall there being plastic discs on either side of the board that centered it in the trunk. I don't see anything about that on the CatalinaDirect site though. (Centerboard Brackets O-14, CP-14.2, C-15) I could be wrong.
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    One of the first things I did on my 14.2 was replace the gasket material. The tape is common across dingy types and can be purchased most anywhere. "canvas" is a misnomer, as it is more like fiberglass reinforced plastic tape (without a sticky side). If you do this, be sure to re-caulk all of...
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    Make sure inside the hull is dry and everything is sealed, then put it in the water. Check for water inside after. I'm not sure what the remedy would be if you found it was leaking. If it was a slow leak, I would just make sure to drain it after use. After watching a friends 14.2 sink to the...
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    If you're taking on water inside the hull, that is a problem. Check your drain plug then test for leaks in the centerboard trunk. I have seen posts about 14.2s being strapped down too tightly on trailers causing cracks in the CB trunk. If you're just wondering if the cockpit will get water in...
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    Enough Of A Mast Float?

    Yes. I think it would work in fair conditions. However, the mast being driven down has only happened to me in high winds. So, in those conditions, it may not be enough.
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    New to me Catalina 14.2: See pic spreader travel movement seems off

    I have the same issue. Spreaders are as they should be on a fractional rig with no backstay. My bigger concern is the stress put on the spreaders and the shrouds while it is sitting like that. Currently, I have someone stand behind the boat and support the mast while I set the pin at the foot...
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    needed: New / Used Mainsail for the 14.2 Mod 1

    I couldn't find them on the Catalina web site just now, but they used to sell a set of sails for a reasonable price. It is worth checking. You'd have to consult with them about compatibility with your model.
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    solo launching the 14.2 with mast lowered

    Glad to have a new member. :) I am interested in hearing from anyone that has actually done it. But, I will comment, despite my lack of experience. Even on the trailer, these recommendations make it easier to step the mast single-handed. I have two recommendations: 1. Pre-step the mast. Use a...
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    Using a barber hauler with a carabiner for the jib sheets for better pointing

    Never tried it. Sounds like a good idea, but it is hard to envision how you are cleating it on the post. My first thought (before I read your details) was to put a cam cleat on the front of the seat (down where your legs are) as that would pull down and inward. Under sail, I currently find...
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    1999 Catalina 14.2 capri Cockpit drain fix? Let me know what I can do.

    It looks like a motor well drain. Here's an example. You would have to get the right size, but it looks like the hardest part is pressing it in place. The description says it requires a special tool.
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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    I know there is variation from boat to boat. However, my shrouds are around the third hole from the deck, and I have thought about moving them down another notch. It is fleet wisdom to sail with a slack rig, but I find it very annoying to have the rig banging around as I roll through a power...