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    Laser Performance No Longer Licensed, Kirby "Torch" is the New Laser

    I think the answer is if you already have a Laser, it's still a Laser. It just has the same design as the Kirby Torch and can race in Kirby Torch class races if/when they happen.
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    Laser Performance No Longer Licensed, Kirby "Torch" is the New Laser

    I'm sad that in order to do this he had to change the name to "Torch". The Laser is an iconic name as well as the design.
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    Laser Performance No Longer Licensed, Kirby "Torch" is the New Laser

    This is some pretty shocking stuff.
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    advice on beach landing desperately needed

    When you raise the centerboard completely, you don't have much steering ability. You're pretty much at the mercy of the waves and wind at that point. I don't raise the centerboard all the way in heavy winds when approaching the shore, but I do take it up most of the way (75%). If the wind and...
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    night sailing

    I would never sail after sundown on Lake Huron (where I sail). It's heavily trafficked and the conditions can change rapidly. I would also worry about any navigation lights I have onboard not getting enough clearance from the water to be noticed by other vessels. If there's any chop, anything...
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    advice on beach landing desperately needed

    I broke a finger once launching in heavy surf. I'm a lot more cautious now ;)
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    advice on beach landing desperately needed

    I launch from the beach on Lake Huron all the time since that's where I keep my boat. It's not an ocean, but the waves can certainly be ocean-like when the wind is right. Anyway, I never run the boat all the way in. I usually have the daggerboard up about half way to make sure I don't snag a...
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    The Hunt for a Vang!

    I saw some of the recent postings on this subject over at Sailing Anarchy indicated that people were starting to have some luck with getting parts directly from Laser Performance recently. It sounded like they finally started getting some stock again. It couldn't hurt to check...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    I do both. They both appeal and since I'm on Lake Huron, days that aren't good for sailing are usually good for powerboating and vice versa.
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    Essay on Sailing

    I think it will be difficult to do an experiment due to variable weather conditions. You won't be able to hold everything beside what you're trying to test constant. Unless you're indoors, there are too many variables. Maybe you should think about testing a component of the boat instead of...
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    beach launching & landing

    If you've got shoulder-height waves crashing on the beach, I would also not recommend launching. I've launched in about waist-height surf on Lake Huron (9' waves out on the lake) and it's doable with a second person. I've never had too much trouble with rolling in these conditions because the...
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    beach launching & landing

    I launch from and land on shore all the time, but I'm on Lake Huron. We have a dolly, which is where I do all the rigging and de-rigging. It's pretty difficult for one person to handle getting it in and out alone with the dolly (mainly due to wind and waves...which are the conditions when I...
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    Harken Clew Sleeve

    fat-n-old is right. It's very, very easy to install. Just make sure you have the orientation correct.
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    Clew Sleeve or Velcro Strap

    Harken claims it's class legal: