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    1962 Sunfish Alcort 14ft Sailboat And Dilly Tilt Trailer In Austin TX

    An awesome Sunfish vintage sailboat here in Austin Texas. Price of $975 is for both, boat and trailer. Alcort 1962 Sunfish. 14ft fiberglass sailboat with all the original mahogany and bronze hardware, and recently replaced sail and rigging. In great shape and mostly garage kept. The trailer is...
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    1962 Sunfish Alcort Vintage Sailboat And 16ft Dilly Welded Tilt Trailer

    Vintage Alcort 1962 Sunfish 13'9" fiberglass sailboat. Has all the hardware (original to the boat) and a recently replaced sail. Was mostly garage kept less about a year. All in good condition. Dilly 2,000 lb welded steel 16ft trailer with EZ Tilt launching, also 1962, Dallas, TX made. (not a...